Divide and Conquer:

Choosing Effective Home

Organization Accessories

Divide and Conquer: Choosing Effective Home Organization Accessories

Enjoying your home is so much easier when everything has a place. You naturally stay more organized because you know exactly where to find what you need when you need it. You spend less time searching for missing items and cleaning up clutter – and more time relaxing with your family. This Pottery Barn guide travels room by room to show you home organization accessories that provide everything you have with a place of its own, along with tips for incorporating them stylishly into each space.

Bedroom and Closet

A clean, organized bedroom creates a peaceful ambience in the room, which makes it easier to recharge after each day and get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, organizing the bedroom is both fun and practical. There are plenty of ways to organize the room that fit in with your decor.

Underbed Storage

The space under your bed offers plenty of storage capacity that doesn’t use up valuable square footage in the bedroom. A platform or storage bed with built-in drawers or shelves underneath provides space to store everything from clothing to toys and books. Underbed baskets are a useful alternative to a platform bed. These long, shallow baskets are the ideal height to slide under your bedframe, where they’re out of sight until needed.


Nightstands – small bedside tables – are classic pieces of bedroom furniture that traditionally adorn the sides of beds. Drawers and shelves make it easy to disguise toiletries, nighttime reading materials and glasses, while tray inserts and baskets keep each item in its place so you can easily grab what you need.

Closet Organizers

Whether you have a spacious walk-in closet or a petite reach-in, keeping your closet organized makes it easy to find clothes and shoes. Shelves and racks provide a place to hang clothing and store accessories in boxes or baskets, and hanging closet organizers take advantage of otherwise-unused vertical space. Shoe ladders give you space-saving vertical storage for footwear and keep each shoe out in the open where you can easily pair it with an outfit.

Jewelry Storage

Whether you have an extensive jewelry collection or just a few key pieces, a separate storage space is helpful. A basic jewelry box with dividers or a jewelry stand makes it easy to keep your bracelets, rings and necklaces in one spot. If you need even more space, a wall-mounted jewelry mirror has rods and racks for storing jewelry, and the mirror makes it easier to get ready each morning.

Dresser Storage

Whether you don’t have a closet or don’t have enough room in your current one, a dresser is an excellent choice for keeping clothes and accessories organized thanks to its drawers and added surface space on top. Dressers are also helpful pieces because they hold clothing that doesn’t fit on hangers. Maintaining a neat dresser is easier with storage accessories that keep everything in its place and make putting away laundry a breeze. Tray inserts and drawer dividers separate large sections of drawers into smaller compartments that you can then assign to items like socks, underwear or T-shirts.

Customizable Closet Systems

Customizable closet systems take advantage of every available inch of space in your closet. These systems range from basic shelving units to expansive systems with cubbies, rods and drawers. Unlike closet organizers, custom closet systems are stationary units that don’t move after installation. When you plan the unit carefully, you can designate a spot for each article of clothing, piece of jewelry and pair of shoes.

Living Room

Your living room is a place where you and your loved ones relax and recharge – and it’s a room that’s meant to be lived in. With some key pieces of furniture and accessories, it’s easy to transform this space into a welcoming, organized and visually calming gathering spot.

Media Cabinets

Designed to hold all things entertainment, media cabinets hide cords and cables and provide space for speakers, books and a nice spot for the big screen. Baskets and coordinating bins offer additional storage for small items like remotes, video game controllers and even spare votive candles. If you have limited space in your living room, a media cabinet might be the only piece of furniture you need aside from seating.


Shelving systems are functional and attractive in a living room. Tall, towering bookcases add height to a room, while shorter units provide additional surface area on top to use as a buffet table, media stand or desk. Floating shelves and shadow boxes take clutter off the surfaces of coffee tables and make beautiful displays for photographs, small collections and artwork.

Coffee Table Storage

Your coffee table can be more than a catch-all for everything in the living room! Keep everything neat and tidy with shallow boxes and trays. Designate each box or tray for specific items – like remote controls or magazines – so you always know where to find them and put them after use. Double-duty pieces like ottomans with built-in storage and lift-top trunks keep extra blankets, cords and small electronics out of the way, but within reach when you need them.


From bathing to primping to the occasional first aid, you fit a lot of activity into your bathroom. Bathroom organization uses the limited space effectively and makes it easier to get ready in the morning – you know exactly where to look for your hair tools, shaving supplies and makeup.

Medicine Cabinets and Floating Shelves

A staple feature in the bathroom, medicine cabinets keep everything from prescription medication to toothpaste and other toiletries neatly out of sight. This is an excellent spot to keep items you use daily and want to keep out of children’s easy reach. Floating shelves provide additional storage on walls where you can store towels and toiletries without using space in the vanity, on the floor or in a linen closet.

Baskets, Bins and Trays for Drawers

It’s easy to keep track of bathroom items when drawers have distinct purposes. Instead of treating them like catchalls, add baskets, bins or trays to the drawers. They divide the space so you can then designate it for specific items you use. Put daily makeup in one section and hair accessories in another. This saves you time and increases your morning calm when you find everything in its place.

Countertop Accessories

A clutter-free bathroom feels like a retreat, and if you don’t have storage space in the vanity you can still keep everything neat and organized out in the open. Colorful cups and trays hold makeup, hair accessories, toothbrushes and more, providing easy access while giving items a place of their own.

Towel Racks

Towel racks in the bathroom provide a place to store towels before and after you use them. This keeps them off the floor and out of the hamper, extending the length of time between washes. Traditional towel racks with horizontal bars are a great place to let towels dry after use. Alternatively, rows of hooks or knobs let you designate a spot for each person in the family to hang individual towels.


The kitchen is a busy place – a gathering spot for everyone from children doing homework to dinner guests chatting after a meal. These kitchen organization ideas help you create a space that makes it easier to cook and clean so you have more time to spend with loved ones.

Pantry and Food Storage

Group like items like cereals, snacks and sauces, and store them in labeled boxes or baskets that are easy to remove and replace when you need them. Alternatively, label each section of the shelf using categories like “pasta,” “baking items,” “soups” and “grains.” Then, store food in clear plastic or glass containers on the shelves so you know with a quick glance where everything is. Sliding shelves in the pantry make it easy to reach items stored in the back. There’s another advantage to this organization: properly stored food stays fresh longer.

Utensil Organizers

Instead of placing utensils in a drawer and digging through them to find a spatula or spoon, add a drawer divider and allot a spot for each item. If you prefer keeping utensils out in the open where you can easily grab them as needed, place a stylish carafe on the counter and put your most frequently used utensils inside.


Corral clutter the minute it walks through the door with coat racks and wall cubbies. A row of hooks, stacks of wall cubes or hanging baskets near the door are simple ways to organize coats, bags, keys and shoes. Assign each person in the house a specific space so all family members know exactly where to place their outdoor accessories. Not only does this help keep them from leaving a trail through the rest of the house, but it also reduces last-minute searches when you’re getting out the door in the morning.

Home Office

Whether you work from home or have a space for planning household tasks, home office organization makes it easier to get things done. You can easily sort your documents and keep track of everyone’s activities with helpful office accessories.

Paper Trays and Organizers

Paper trays and organizers sit on the top of your desk’s surface and work well for documents you need to access easily, like the kids’ paperwork for school, homework or bills to pay. If space is limited, hanging wall organizers and bulletin boards creatively use vertical wall space. Some organizers have built-in pockets and envelopes for storing papers. Others have customizable calendars and bulletin board systems where you can keep important notes and reminders for the whole family.

Charging Stations and Catchalls

Your home office is also a great place to keep a charging station for your phone and a catchall tray to hold items like cords, memory cards and batteries. These practical items come in an array of styles – from traditional leather-wrapped boxes to elegant stone trays and polished glass bowls. Some feature divided trays with different sections to keep specific items organized. Use a catchall to hold phones and tablets while they charge at your desk, or pick up a designated charging station with slots for different devices. This keeps everything in one place and ensures that you always know where your electronics are.

Your home is where you escape to at the end of the day; where you spend time with family and friends. It’s your personal corner of the world. Creating a peaceful space is even easier when everything has a place of its own. By implementing these home organization ideas, you can keep your house in order and reduce clutter. More organization and less clutter means more time to do the things you love!