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How to
Furnish a Small Bedroom

A cohesive space – even if it's small – is always an inviting retreat. Employ the basics of space planning to make the most of your small bedroom. To make any room appear larger than it really is, the first trick is to use effective lighting and a pale, subtly varied palette. Use color to emphasize or create the illusion of expansiveness by wrapping the room in a single pale hue which draws in light. Visually extend a small bedroom's wall using the strong horizontal line of a built-in shelf. Try adding a beautiful Persian-style rug under your bed – bold patterns help focus attention on specific areas.


Condense and
contain is the
motto of
small-space living.


The right plan can artfully incorporate more furnishings than you might expect. Smaller scaled furnishings and efficient storage are key to keeping the space feeling uncluttered and welcoming. Anything that serves more than one purpose – such as an end-of-bed storage bench or a bedside table that has several drawers – is especially welcome. A small room tends to draw more attention to displays of collectibles, so create small groupings of your favorite things and use them to draw the eye to certain areas of the room. Keep in mind that you can increase the sense of spaciousness by choosing closed, streamlined storage. Tables, beds and chairs that sit high off the floor make rooms appear airier and less cluttered.

To expand storage options without crowding the room, look for furniture that either has a built-in storage capacity or that lends itself to holding containers.