How to

Have a Cozy Night In

Cozy Night In

Light a fire, grab a movie and your favorite mug and get ready for some serious coziness. Going out and experiencing new adventures is fun. However, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as curling up at home, unplugging from the world and simply relaxing. Whether it’s been a long, cold day or it’s the middle of summer, these tips from us at Pottery Barn will help you get the most out of your big night in.

Clear Your Schedule

Get any essential to-dos completed earlier in the day. If you need to make any calls, spend the late afternoon or early evening making them. Check your emails, pay the bills and finish up whatever’s on the day’s list. No matter if you’re spending the night alone under a quilt or relaxing with friends, the ability to fully immerse yourself in the coziness at hand makes the evening that much more enjoyable.

Plan a Cozy Menu

It wouldn’t be a night in without some comfort food. To some people, there’s nothing like a piping hot casserole. For others, a warming bowl of soup provides instant relief. And still other people love to order some tasty takeout and take a break from preparing meals. Whatever your definition of comfort food might be, aim to include that in your menu for a cozy night in. Likewise, plan your beverages. Do you like a robust glass of red wine, hot tea or a steaming mug of cocoa? Make sure you have all the fixings ahead of time. Also, remember the snacks! If you plan to be curled up with a double feature or read an entire novel cover to cover, you might want a little nibble in between.

Plan Cozy Activities

How you spend your cozy night in really depends on who’s joining you and what you love to do. Part of what makes a night in so special is that it’s infinitely relaxing. It’s all about doing the things you love to do, and maybe don’t have time to do on a regular basis. For example, you might want to stream a movie to lose yourself in, curl up on the sofa for a relaxing conversation or play a fun game of cards with a few loved ones.

Set the Scene

Create a relaxing ambience with warm decor like candles and lanterns, fluffy pillows that you can sink back into and luxe throws perfect for warding off a chilly evening. Lower the lights and light a fire if you have a fireplace. There’s nothing like a warm glow to help you relax.

Grab Your Gear

Once you’ve set the scene, stock the room with everything you think you might need. Consider getting a stack of trays, which make it much easier to enjoy your delicious meal right from your favorite spot. Other helpful items often include a box of tissues if you’re planning to watch a tear-jerker of a movie, comfortable lounge wear and warm, fluffy socks.

Consider Background Music

Soft, soothing music can lend a serene vibe to go with your cozy home decor. Play it during your downtime before and after the movie, or for the whole night if you’re not planning a big movie night. Choose the tunes that you find particularly relaxing, whether that means jazz, classical, contemporary acoustic music or another favorite.

Bubble Bath Anyone?

For a luxurious touch, consider beginning or ending your night with a lovely scented bubble bath. Before your guests arrive or after they leave, draw a nice hot bath with your favorite music and bath products. Try a few drops of lavender essential oils or a softly scented bubble bath. Soak until you’re ready to get moving. All too often, we don’t have time for these little luxuries. Wrap yourself in a fluffy bath towel and get dressed, or put your PJs on and head to bed for a solid night’s sleep.

No matter how you choose to spend your cozy night in, stay in the moment. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the night – you deserve it.