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How to

Install Drapes

No room is complete without that finishing touch. Polish it off with a set of drapes that suit your style and control light the way you want. Here’s how to hang curtains in your home like a pro.

What You’ll Need

Phillips screw driver

Stud finder

Allen wrench



Step 1: Determine the length of the rod

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out how long your curtain rod needs to be.

To do this, measure the entire length of the window frame. Add one to three inches to each side, and that’s the length rod you’ll need. This doesn’t include the finials – we’ll get to those later.

Step 2: Position the mounting brackets

Next, you’ll need to figure out where to place your mounting brackets. A good rule of thumb is one to three inches outside the window frame. When you determine the placement, use your level to draw a vertical line outside the window.

Then, consider how high you want your brackets. Drapes are usually hung about four inches above the window. Our stylists recommend that the fabric lightly grazes the floor. To create the illusion of a larger room, add a few inches.

Take into account that rings and hooks add length.

When you determine how high you want your drapes, use your level to draw a horizontal line that intersects with the vertical line.

Place your bracket where the lines intersect, using a level to make sure the bracket is straight. Then use a pencil to mark the bracket holes. You might want a friend’s help with this step.

Place your brackets at the appropriate width and height, and use a level to make sure they are straight. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a friend for this step. Use a pencil to mark the bracket holes.

Step 3: Get ready to drill

Now it’s time to drill the brackets into the wall. Use the stud finder to make sure your pencil marks are on a stud. Then, using the right size and type of drill bit, drill pilot holes in the wall.

If your pencil marks are not on a stud, you will need to use a drill to put anchors into the wall.

You might be able to screw your brackets into the wall with a Phillips head screwdriver instead of a drill. But if that’s difficult, grab the drill.

Step 4: Add your drapes

Pottery Barn drapes have one-in-three construction. You can hang them by the pole pocket, hidden tabs or rings – either a double ring with included drapery hooks, or a single ring with clips.

Today we’re using the hidden tabs. Just slide the tabs onto the pole.

If there is a set screw on the bracket, tighten it up with an Allen wrench to secure the rod.

Step 5: Add finials and pullbacks

Now it’s time to make it your own. Add your favorite Pottery Barn finials for that finishing touch.

It’s that easy. Now that your drapes are up, just sit back, relax and enjoy. Find your perfect drapes, and more ideas and inspiration, at potterybarn.com.