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How to
Make the Most Out
of Your Kitchen Pantry

Get the most out of your kitchen by making the most out of your kitchen pantry. An organized pantry is one of the most crucial ingredients for any successful kitchen venture, but knowing how to organize the pantry can be challenging. However, it is worth taking the time to get your pantry in order. Nothing sparks creativity quite like opening the pantry door and discovering a world of possibilities. 


The secret lies in maximizing your pantry’s organizational capabilities so that you can keep it well stocked and fully functional. Pottery Barn carries a full line of storage containers ranging from boxes to baskets. Whether you have a small amount of pantry space or a large walk-in, we can help you make the most out of the space that’s available.

Invest in Jars, Canisters and Crocks

A well-organized pantry makes unloading groceries and preparing meals simpler and more streamlined. Utilize the space wisely by putting your dried goods, bulk foods and baking ingredients in the same areas. Mason jars offer an inexpensive and stylish solution. Available in multiple sizes, these nifty jars seal tightly for freshness while giving you the convenience of being able to see everything that's inside. 

While clear jars and canisters offer the ease of at-a-glance ingredient identification, you can use any canister you like. Ideally, the lid should fit snugly to keep the ingredients fresher for longer. Add a label if you need to distinguish between different snack items and other kitchen staples or use different colors for different pantry items. Crocks make a great tool for keeping your wooden spoons and other kitchen gadgets organized in one spot.  

Baskets for Efficiency

Well-placed baskets can transform a messy pantry into a neatly arranged hub for your kitchen essentials. Place baskets on shelves that can be reached easily and label them for quick identification. Fill your storage baskets with everything from teas and seasoning envelopes to flatware and table linens. In addition to keeping your pantry looking good, the basket solution also minimizes the likelihood that you’ll misplace treasured ingredients or end up with wrinkled, jumbled linens. 

Organize with Shelves and Racks

If your pantry is more of an open closet than an actual pantry, try installing your own shelves to keep all of your essentials arranged and close at hand. Take it a step further by installing under-shelf baskets to maximize empty space. This area is perfect for arranging decorative kitchen items, bread or anything that you want to prevent from being squished.

Do you find yourself searching for spices amidst a jumble of small jars? A simple spice rack offers an easy solution to keeping your flavors separate and easy to find. Wall-mounted spice racks fit neatly on pantry doors while tiered rotary racks maximize vertical storage space in small pantries. Another good way to maximize small spaces is to install a pegboard. This creates a quick, instant rack that’s ideal for stashing everything from pots and pans to serving utensils and cleaning supplies.  

Maximize Vertical Space

Although the top shelves of the pantry may not be the ideal spot to stow everyday pieces that you need to have close at hand, there's no reason you can't use those out of reach shelves for extra bulk storage. Use them to display your fancy serving pieces, seasonal items or back up cleaning supplies.

Vertical is also the way to go when it comes to storing cutting boards and pans. These items take up much less space if you store them on their sides instead of stacking them horizontally. To achieve this, install small spring rods between one of more of your pantry shelves. This creates instant dividers to keep your platters and other large, flat items tidy and easy to find.