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How to

Organize with Open Shelves in your Kitchen

How to Organize with Open Shelves in your Kitchen

Open shelves are warm and inviting to your guests and create an open look to make your kitchen look more spacious. They are an excellent way to introduce your style to the room by following a few basic tips. With your items on display, you can actually keep all of the kitchen clutter to a minimum. If you’re not sure where to begin organizing and decorating, no sweat - we’ve got you covered. At Pottery Barn, you’ll find all of the items you need to organize your kitchen and these style tips will help you make your home look its best.

Keep Your Items Within Reach

Even ifyou don;t spend a lot fo time in your kitchen, function should be the first factor to consider when designing your space. Start organizing your kitchen supplies from the bottom up. Put the items that you use the most often, such as dinnerware, on the lower shelves where they are easy to reach. Place less frequently used items, like small kitchen appliances and large serving pieces, up on the higher shelves where they are out of the way.

Group Like Things Together

While having an eclectic mix of kitchen pieces thrown together on the shelves can create an interesting look, it could also create a cluttered look. Instead, group similar items together. For example, put dishes on one shelf, cups and glasses on another shelf and baking supplies on the third. Additionally, stage a few attractive dishes behind a stack of plates or bowls to add to the decor without additional accent pieces. If your dinnerware is more mix-and-match, try organizing your pieces by color family or pattern for a fresh new look.

Reduce Clutter with Baskets and Canisters

Organizing dishes, pots, and pans might seem easy when compared to food and cooking supplies. The packaging of your canned goods and other food products are often greatly varied, and the mix of colors and sizes can quickly add to the cluttered look of your kitchen. Invest in baskets and canisters to keep these products organized and to simplify the look on your shelves. Baskets made of natural fibers are perfect for storing small items and making them easy to reach. Glass jars, bottles, and canisters are an efficient way to store items such as oil, flour and sugar so that you can display them directly on the shelf.

Create More Space with Hooks

When you have closed cabinets, it is easy to stack items to use up maximum storage space. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work when your items are on open shelf display. If you need more space, consider adding hooks or other wall storage underneath your shelves. This not only increases your space, but is also a perfect way to display your coffee mugs and teacups.

Opt for a Simple Color Palette

A final decorating tip for keeping your kitchen shelves organized is to regularly edit what you have on display. A neutral, monochromatic color palette can create a feeling of order and help balance out the look of your kitchen. For color lovers, don;t be afraid to show off your sense of style. Just be sure to play around with the arrangement of your pieces so your space isn;t overwhelmed by lots of different patterns and colors. This will help your kitchen maintain its crisp and clean look without taking away its personality.