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How to
Organize Your Entryway

The entryway tends to accumulate items faster than any other spot in the home, but it is also the first area guests see, which is why it is important to keep it tidy. Pottery Barn has a selection of items to help you organize this space, making it both attractive and functional for your family.


Round-Up the Shoes

Shoes have a tendancy to gather near the entryway, so tame your footwear with an entryway shoe rack. Pick one that has a low-profile and sits out of the way, yet is still able to accommodate at least one pair of shoes for each member of the family. To keep things organized, regularly remind each family member to remove their shoes and other items from the entryway and hall closet. 

Hooks are Your Best Friend

When it comes to organizing an entryway or mudroom, there is no such thing as too many hooks. Plan on having one to two hooks for each member of the family, as well as extras for guests. If you have school-aged children, consider adding hooks for backpacks or purses. There are plenty of styles that will allow you to match your current decor, from traditional row hooks to free-floating hooks that can be staggered and placed according to your preference. If securing hooks into the wall isn't something you want to do, consider a stylish alternative like a corner coat rack instead.

A Bin for Everything

Bins, boxes or baskets are all polished enough to sit in plain view while hiding the hats, mittens and sports gear that tends to clutter a space. Make sure you have one for each member of your family so there is always a spot for everyone's stuff.

Manage the Dirt

An high-traffic area rug placed in the entryway captures a lot of dirt before it tracks its way into your home. Look for one that hides stains, since it will be subject to frequent use. Choose a size that complements the space you have; you want something that is big enough for everyone to wipe their feet, but not so overwhelming that it takes over the space. Likewise, choose a material that cleans well and stands up to a lot of foot traffic. Jute is a good, natural-fiber option that looks neat and is easy to maintain.

Take a Seat

It can be difficult for family members and guests to take off their shoes the moment they walk in the door without a place to sit down. A padded bench provides a welcome spot to shed the hard-to-remove footwear like tall boots, and it provides a warm and welcoming feel to your home. Store a boot tray under the bench where it can hold outerwear items while remaining out of sight.

Give Your Keys a Home

If you've ever had the experience of being unable to find your keys when you were already five minutes late, you know how important it is for those keys to have a home. Corral your keys once and for all with a key hook or a designated spot on the shelf. For further organization, look for an entryway organizer that not only holds your keys, but also has a shelf or basket to hold mail or important papers until you get a chance to sort through them.

Give the Closet a Boost

When you have other areas of the home that need your attention, giving the hall closet a facelift might be last on your list. However, putting in the effort can pay off in a big way. Give the closet a fresh coat of paint and tidy it up as you implement your new organizational system. Once you put in the effort and make it an area of the home that looks good, you'll want to keep it that way.