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How To

Pair a Lamp with a Table

How to Pair a Lamp with a Table

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when decorating a room. You don’t want to rely on harsh overhead lighting that casts dramatic shadows throughout the room. Well-placed lamps can make all the difference, so it is important to put consider how they'll look with the rest of your furniture, especially the piece it will be placed on. We’ve put together some tips to help you pair a lamp with a table and get the most out of the lighting in your room.

Consider Scale

When pairing a lamp with a table, an important factor to consider is the size of both pieces. The size of the table should balance out the size of the lamp and vice versa. For example, if you have a small end table, placing a lamp with a large, round base on top of it might create a disproportionate look, but it also increases the risk of being bumped and knocked over when someone walks by. Instead, a lamp (includingits shade) should take up no more than 2/3 of the table's total space.

In addition to the size of the table and lamp, the overall height should be factored in as well. Too tall and the light may be distractingly bright when lying in bed. Too short and you may not get enough light where you need it. To determine the best height for your lamps, think of where you’ll be sitting when you need that light on and measure the space from the top of the table to the top of your head in that position. Give or take 6 inches, and that’s approximately the ideal height for your lamps.

Find Your Style

Earthy and ceramic or sparkling and metallic? Lamps present the perfect opportunity to make a statement in your space. You can mix and match your bases with new shades to instantly refresh the space. Go for something in the same color scheme as the rest of the room for a neutral look, or mix in a bright new color to kick it up a notch.

What Do You Need?

The placement of the table in the room is also important in determining what kind of lamp will suit you best. A reading lamp would be the perfect choice for a bedside table. The light adjusts to accommodate your nighttime reading habits, but is also small enough to stay out of the way. A medium-sized table lamp does well for an end table in the center of the room, as it adds to the decor while providing nice illumination for the space. If you have tables or other surfaces decorating the corners of the room, then opt for a tall and narrow lamp. This provides enough lighting for the entire room without being too harsh.

Be Bold!

Don’t be afraid to opt for something that will really make a statement! After all, it's your home so it should reflect your own personal tastes. If you tend to gravitate towards neutrals and just a handful of decorative objects, go for something in a neutral color but with a bold, geometric feeling that makes it feel like both a source of light and a sculptural object.

You can also go all-out with a bold color for the base of the lamp and a fun, textural lampshade. Once you have chosen the right lamp for your table, you can always change up the style or add color and texture to the room by changing the lamp shade.