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How to

Stylize Your Powder Room

How to Stylize Your Powder Room

Powder rooms might not be the biggest spaces in the house, but don’t let the size fool you. These rooms are small, but mighty! Your half bathroom is the perfect place to show that good things come in small packages. Powder room decor can be highly impactful, making a wonderful impression for you, your family and your guests to enjoy. One of the best things about your powder room is that it’s a distinct space that’s separate from the rest of your home, and you can use it in a number of creative ways. These powder room decorating ideas provide plenty of inspiration for you to come up with your own unique ideas.

Choose a Theme

Your powder room might flow into other rooms in the house, and it also might not be highly visible to those who aren’t inside of it. Sound familiar? You can have fun thinking outside the box by selecting a fun theme for the room that ties everything from the walls to the hand towels together. Decorate powder room walls with pages from your favorite vintage comic books instead of wallpaper, or make the room feel like an antique submarine. You can also be subtle with your theme, opting to focus on a specific color or decor era. Either way, it can be fun to have a coherent concept before you start decorating if you’re picking out all-new goodies for the room.

Consider Your Scope

Think about what kinds of changes you want to make to your powder room. If you’re happy with the basic fixtures, you might want to shift your focus to the decorative changes. If you have a specific look or theme in mind, it can pay off to revamp the whole room, bringing in new fixtures and fittings to change the way the space looks and feels from the ground up. Once you know how far you want your revamp to go, it’s easy to start putting your powder room design ideas into action.

Start Shopping

If you’re going for a full powder room overhaul, one easy way to begin is to choose your fixtures first and then move on to decor. If you’re starting with decor, it can also help you to focus on one area first and then work your way around the room – whatever works easiest for you is a great way to approach it. You may want to start with an inspiration item of some sort. This could be anything from a soothing solid wall color to an intricately patterned wallpaper or an art object of some kind that you absolutely love and want to showcase. Once you have your inspiration, you can hunt down other design facets to go along with it.

Remember Your Essentials

Your powder room can also benefit from basic conveniences while it’s looking grand. Having accessories and necessities like soap, facial tissues, toilet tissue, a wastebasket and towels on hand ensures whatever you or your loved ones need is always right at your fingertips – this room can look great and function just as well! Some of the more permanent accessories you choose, including towels, wastebaskets, reusable soap dispensers and others, all provide an excellent means of introducing a little extra style into the room too, so consider these as other options that can inject your design vision into the space.

Reflect Yourself

Mirrors look absolutely gorgeous in a powder room, and you can think of your powder room mirror as an important piece of decor if you have the space for or desire to hang one. The mirror you choose for your powder room can have a major impact on the way the space feels. In fact, mirrors make great inspiration items to set the decorative tone for the whole room. Your mirror can define the space through an ornate presentation, or it can simply enhance a stand-out inspiration item too.

Add an Artistic Touch

If you have the space, even small powder rooms look extra spiffy with a few great pieces of art you love on the walls. You can even bring in a few decorative objects like candles and unique figurines to sit on your sink console or on a small shelf in the room. Your art pieces help anchor the room and present a great opportunity to let your design personality shine through. Plus, they’re rather unexpected in this smaller space, so they might surprise and delight you each time you enter.