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6 Gift Wrapping Tips

6 Gift Wrapping Tips

A beautifully wrapped gift shows the recipient you put extra care and attention into how you deliver it. Packaging makes a luxe gift even more stunning, and a simple gift feel like a precious treasure. Choose wrapping materials based on the recipient’s favorite colors, holidays or occasion. Go with intricate wrapping papers, or choose a simple, plain wrapping paper and embellish the gift with a pretty bow or ornament. These ideas from us at Pottery Barn will provide some inspiration as you wrap things up.

How to Wrap a Gift in a Box

Gifts in boxes are some of the easiest to wrap. A box adds structure and makes it easier to smooth out the paper for a wrinkle-free finish. Cut a sheet of wrapping paper big enough to wrap all the way around the box, with a couple inches overlapping. Use plenty of tape, and if the paper slides when you start wrapping, tape the free edge of the paper directly to the box. Tape the overlapped edge down. Then, smooth in the two vertical edges that are farthest from your body, forming angled creases on the flat part of the paper at the bottom and top of the box.

Keep Folding

If the folds resist flattening, pull a folder out of the filing cabinet and use the folder’s edge to press down on the paper to make a crease. Smooth the top flap down and gently roll the lower flap upwards. Tape it in place near the top edge of the box. Turn the package around and then repeat the folding steps on the other end of the box. This is the most detailed of the wrapping techniques. The secret to success when wrapping boxes is keeping the ends from wrinkling when you push them inward.

Gift Wrapping Presents for A Special Guy in Your Life

Choose a box that’s also part of the gift, like a cuff link box or catch-all box. Using Kraft paper, go through the box-wrapping steps above. Then, wrap a wide plaid ribbon around the box and tie a Windsor knot, so the ends of the ribbon look like a tie. Trim the ends of the ribbon to a point to create the shape. If you have trouble making the knot, use scissors and tape to cut it to the shape you want instead of tying it. For a special touch, attach personalized luggage tags to the gift.

Tips for Using Bags as Gift Wrap

Bags provide an easy way to wrap a gift. With a few extra touches, they deliver results that are just as nice as traditional wrapping techniques. Choose either disposable paper gift bags printed with colorful images or a reusable, eco-friendly tote bag. Loosely wrap the gift in a few layers of tissue paper and seal it with a few strips of tape. Tie a gift tag and a chunky, colorful ribbon on the handle for an extra-pretty touch.

Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Tips

For a unique and eco-friendly gift wrap, opt for an organic bath towel in a pretty color or fun print. Roll a small gift in the towel or center a larger gift and fold the towel around it. Tie brightly colored satin ribbon around the towel in a large bowl. Roll up a hand towel and wash cloth the same way, tie on the ribbons, and tuck the bath linens in a seagrass basket for a pretty housewarming or wedding gift. Wrap colored cellophane around the whole thing and tie the wrap with one last bow.

Wrapping Presents That Are Oddly Shaped

It seems like there’s always that one oddly shaped gift at the holidays that seemingly defies wrapping. Luckily, there is a way to wrap almost anything. One especially nice way to wrap these packages is to stick the gift in a large woven basket, a hamper or a canvas utility basket. Fill it in with colorful shredded paper or packing peanuts and use pieces of colorful see-through plastic wrap to wrap up the gift.