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Make a Chic
Candlelight Centerpiece

Ensuring your table is decorated tastefully and elegantly is a surefire way to impress your dinner party guests and encourage them to have a festive time. Creating a beautiful scene for any party is fun and easy when you have a distinct plan and the right supplies on hand. With just a few simple pieces, you can make a chic centerpiece that sets the tone for the entire evening. To make a centerpiece that looks stunning at any table, you need a candleholder large enough for a pillar candle, a large hurricane vase and several natural and faux vase fillers.

Pottery Barn's stylist, Anthony Albertis, knows all the tips and tricks of decorating to help you make a statement at your next dinner party. The combination of glass, candlelight and natural elements create a warm and inviting feeling for your table. This centerpiece uses real and faux elements to set the mood, and by using faux pieces, you can fill out the centerpiece to give it a more robust look and then reuse the components later on with other decorations.

To start, take a glass candleholder and position it where you want it on the table. It is easier to move the centerpiece before you put all of the pieces together, so be sure to consider the position carefully before beginning. Next, take a large hurricane glass shade and place it over the candleholder so that the candleholder is positioned in the center.

Begin layering real and faux lemons all around the candleholder. Make sure to layer the real and artificial lemons evenly to give it a balanced look on all sides of the piece. Continue adding lemons until you reach about half way to the top of the candleholder. The natural lemons also release a beautiful scent if you roll them between your palms to soften them a bit.

Next, add some faux grape leaves around the lemons. The wire in the stems is very thick, so you need strong wire cutters or bold cutters to trim off small pieces to add to your centerpiece. Be sure to add leaves all the way around the hurricane glass shade so that it has a natural look from all angles.

Continue layering lemons and grape leaves until you reach the top of the candleholder. Inspect the centerpiece from all sides to make sure that the greens and yellows are evenly spaced around the vase. When you are finished adding filler to the vase, wipe away any fingerprints and smudges from the inside and outside of the glass. This makes your centerpiece really shine.

Lastly, place a tall pillar candle on the candleholder and light it. Consider using a flameless candle; the wind won't blow out the light, and these candles dance and flicker like a real flame so you get to enjoy the magical look created by the fire without tending to a real one.

This large centerpiece definitely sits front and center on the table; consider it the main attraction. It has a subtle elegance but really commands attention. Add smaller glass candleholders and candles around the table if you need more light, and consider scattering other fresh and faux citrus fruits and grape leaves in the center of the table for extra pizzazz.

Place platters of food around the piece and make sure that everything is balanced to draw attention to the vase. You'll see that your centerpiece really makes an impact on the presentation of the meal. With just a few simple pieces, you can create a wonderful ambience that sets the mood for the entire party. This is a smart array for a charcuterie and cheese party or as a table decoration for a formal dinner. Whatever the occasion, this versatile piece is ready to make a statement at your next get-together.