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Make Your Own Champagne Wedding Gift Basket

A personalized wedding gift is a great way to show your love and well wishes to a newly married couple. If the couple already has glassware on their registry, then a champagne wedding gift basket gives it a unique and festive presentation. When wedding season is in full swing, you might find yourself scrambling to get all of the gifts together. This gift basket is simple, thoughtful and one that is sure to please the new couple.

A gift basket doesn't necessarily have to include a typical basket. A traditional woven basket is classic, but using another container can definitely make this gift stand out. This champagne gift basket uses an antique silver punch bowl from Pottery Barn to give it an elegant look as well as increase its functionality. The couple will have a beautiful punch bowl to use at parties and get-togethers while they enjoy their happily ever after.

For the main part of the gift, choose a bottle of champagne and a set of stemless champagne glasses. You should have at least two glasses so that the happy couple can toast each other as they celebrate their big day. However, you can also fill out the rest of the bowl by including a full set. Give the present a little something extra by having the couple's initials monogrammed directly onto the glasses.

To cushion the contents of the basket, you need paper shreds and tissue paper. Other materials needed for the project are a large sheet of cellophane, fresh flowers, a chalkboard gift tag, floral wire and ribbon. To give the gift a clean and professional look, use matching colors for the paper shreds and the ribbon. If you opt for white, give the gift basket a pop of color by opting for bright flowers. Embrace creativity and select the couple’s wedding colors for the paper and ribbon if you know what they are beforehand.

Start putting the basket together by making a nest out of the paper shreds in the bottom of the bowl. Next, place a layer of tissue paper on top. Make sure that it is centered to give the display a balanced look. Gently place the bottle of champagne in the center of the tissue paper. Smooth the sides of the paper out if they begin to bunch. Lastly, arrange the stemless glassware around the bottle.

Spread the cellophane out on a flat surface and place the punch bowl in the center. Gather up the sides and bring them all the way to the top. Use the floral wire to secure the cellophane and keep the gift basket closed. Because floral wire is not very decorative on its own, you can use your ribbon to make a bow covering the wire. Tie the bunch of fresh flowers together and secure them to the gift basket using ribbon as well.

Write the names of the couple, the wedding or anniversary date, or a special message on the chalkboard gift tag. Tuck it into the ribbon to give the gift another personalized element.

When it comes to weddings, you want to give something to the couple that they can use and that they'll appreciate. Champagne is a smart choice because the couple can drink it to celebrate their marriage. If you know a type of wine or champagne that the couple absolutely adores, use it to make this gift basket. Any time you hand-select an item as a gift, you are giving it a personal touch. It's something that the couple will surely take note of.

Rather than shopping for a neutral gift to present to a new couple, take the time to put together a personalized gift basket. It's simple, does not take a lot of extra time and is sure to wow the newlyweds.