New Ways to Work

New Ways to Work 

What’s so different about working from home? You’re in charge of how and when you get things done. With that freedom comes some important planning decisions that can help you work more efficiently. The more you love being in your office, the more you can get done and the more creative you can be. At Pottery Barn, we’re all about creating a home office that’s productive and stylish. We’re here to help you discover new ways to work that work for you.


Sitting or Standing

Whether you’re sitting at a conventional desk or standing at an elevated desk, your body may want some relief throughout the day. Get the best of both worlds with an adjustable-height work surface. This easily goes from a sitting position to a standing position in one seamless motion. You don’t have to take your eyes off your work! And, you can easily switch up your activity level with a desk that lets you sit or stand.


Adjustable-height desks come in fully electric and manual/crank models. These days, adjustable desks are more stable and stylish than the ones from years ago. They include design elements like glass or wood tops. Plus, their smooth adjustments make raising and lowering the desktop easy on your arms. If you’re on the taller side – look for desks that adjust to between 44" to 54" high for standing. If you prefer to test out a standing work style, consider a folding desktop addition. These elevate your existing desk into a standing desktop.


Focusing on Tasks

Task lighting is so much better than no lighting, even when you’re working on a bright computer screen. But you don’t have to go for something fluorescent like the lights at your old office building. Choose your lighting to work more comfortably at home.


Select a task light with a lampshade. Although bare bulbs look wonderful, in the office they can be uncomfortable on your eyes. Relying solely on overhead lighting can cause eye strain, too. A desk task light with an articulating arm focuses and narrows the light to where you need it around your computer screen. To avoid glare, try not to direct the task light onto your screen.


Customizing Your Space

Remember the days of pining for an office suite? You can have that and more thanks to the many modular home office collections available. These let you customize your space to your liking by creating zones for various tasks – from printing and faxing to reading and drafting.


Whatever size your office space is, there’s a custom solution. Modular home office collections allow you to start off with a couple of pieces you love, such as a desk and bookcase. You can add more components as your business or needs grow. Modular home office collections are also designed to integrate with your existing decor. If you don’t have a separate home office, your media and entertainment cabinet or TV stand can still blend beautifully with or even match your desk and filing cabinets. Many modular pieces are easy to repurpose in other rooms, too. They’re some of the most flexible ways to furnish your home office.


Maximizing Productivity

Working at home can require some creative productivity solutions. You won’t be distracted by coworkers or meetings. On the other hand, there might be lots of other activity going on at home!


Try working in a room with a closed door. If that’s not possible, set some quiet hours for yourself. Ask family members to respect them. Also, try an office chair that’s so comfortable you’ll love sitting there. Turn off your phone ringers. Establish a routine and hours to work. Hide your TV remotes, and change into work clothes each day – not just your PJs. Something else that’s important for productivity is to get organized.


Staying Organized

Remember when plain beige desk accessories and organizers were your only choices at the corporate office? Now, you get to pick what the landscape of your desk looks like. Recycle that rattling coffee can that holds your pens and pencils. Choose beautiful leather, wood or linen desk accessories. Everything has a place, and a clean desk equals a focused mind. Accessories help keep you productive, organized and professional.


Look to your walls for organized storage, too. Try a customized wall-organization system. Include elements like whiteboards, magnetic calendars, chalkboards, linen pin boards, letter bins, file holders and caddies for all of your work necessities. They’ll be right at your fingertips so you can find what you need.


Working at home can be a relaxing departure from the hustle and bustle of office life. Use these helpful ideas to create the home office you’ve always dreamed of.