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Organic Turkish Cotton:
Eco-Friendly and Luxurious
Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton has a reputation of being some of the finest anywhere in the world, and for good reason. The country’s rich history of cotton production dates back to 400 A.D., with farmers and weavers passing down their traditions through generations that saw the rise and fall of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Despite social upheaval and political shifts, cotton endured as a reliable constant. And, it’s from Turkey that cotton started its migration to Europe, building its status as a luxurious and esteemed fabric along the way. Today, Turkish cotton farmers still draw upon the farming and weaving traditions that have survived for centuries when they create plush towels enjoyed the world over, and there are plenty of reasons why we love this first-class fabric.

Organic Leadership

Turkey leads the world in organic cotton production - over 40 percent of the organic cotton from all around the globe is grown on Turkish farms. It’s produced without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, and in almost all cases it’s also harvested completely by hand, which reduces its carbon footprint because no heavy machinery is used. Organic cotton is healthier for you, the farmers who produce it and the environment. Whether you’re drying off with a luxurious towel or curling up on some crisp cotton bedding, you can rest assured that you’re making purchases with a positive impact.

Light and Fresh

Cotton grown in Turkey has long, smooth fibers that become very strong once spun but don’t pack in too tightly or distort when woven. What this means for the organic cotton towels we offer is that they remain lightweight and dry out swiftly. This limits odors and is ideal for humid climates, your daily trips to the gym or Bikram yoga class and even a relaxing soak in your tub. Towels made of Turkish cotton are also excellent for use while traveling because their loose weave allows you to compress them neatly into a suitcase or overnight bag

Touting Tradition

Cotton is a source of pride and a way of life for Turkish farmers, and it’s also one of the oldest crops grown in the country. It’s an indelible part of the local culture, and production helps farmers maintain ties to their heritage. The soil and warm climate are ideal for growing cotton plants, and they’re even able to do this in an eco-friendly way too. The soil in the region stores water in a highly effective way, keeping it available for the cotton plants when they require it. This results in fewer waterings for the farmers, which conserves energy even further. The climate and temperatures in the southern region of the country where we source our fabric are also ideal for growing this sun-loving plant that farmers refer to as “white gold,” even making the analogy that it is as important to them as a family member. 

Shaping the Future with the Past

We recognize that there are valuable traditions inherent in the organic Turkish cotton we use for our luxurious bath towels, and we’re committed to supporting the enduring methods that carry distinct history along with them. Our organic Turkish cotton is certified by SKAL and OCIA, which are international agencies that supervise the cotton farms, the growing practices and the storage facilities to ensure the fibers are never exposed to chemicals or harmful processes. Our efforts in supporting these methods further our ultimate goal of encouraging more growers around the world to make the transition to organic farming. We work hand in hand with producers to ensure you enjoy high-quality, luxurious comfort from every Turkish cotton towel you purchase at Pottery Barn.