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Planning a Bridal Shower Party with a Fun Timeline


At Least 5 Weeks Out

  • Work with the bride or the bride’s mother to choose a date that works for key guests, like family members and the bridal party.
  • Ask the bride or the bride’s mother about whether she wants women only, or a mixed shower. Get a kind of sense from the bride for what kind of party she wants.
  • Choose the location of the party. Secure a reservation if necessary.
  • Establish the party theme and decorating colors so they can be carried through to the invitation.
  • Work out the guest list and gather names, emails, addresses and telephone numbers for everyone invited.
  • Choose paper invitations, design your own or use ours and have them printed. Include any pertinent details on the invitations that relate to party gift-giving theme, especially if guests will need to bring something special in addition to a gift. Include an RSVP date that’s at least 10 days prior to the date.

At Least 4 Weeks Out

  • Send out invitations.
  • Order linens for the shower monogrammed with the bride’s wedding date. After the shower, you can launder them and give them to the bride as a gift.

At Least 3 Weeks Out

  • Plan the menu.
  • If catering, work with the caterer to choose seasonal foods that will ensure best taste and quality.
  • If preparing yourself, plan a menu and study each recipe to make a schedule for preparation. That way, you can do as much of the prep work in the days leading up to the shower. Make sure you choose foods that will be in season at the time of the shower so that you know you’ll be able to find everything easily. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from close friends.

2 Weeks Out

  • Choose games and/or icebreakers for the party. Create any documents needed.
  • Choose at lease one festive, unique cocktail to serve at the event and perfect its preparation.
  • Check your pantry and supplies, and shop for any vases, serveware, linens, dinnerware or glassware needed.
  • Begin planning a music playlist for the event - or, borrow from ours!

10 Days Out

  • Gather RSVPs and follow up with anyone who hasn’t been in touch, at this point email reminders are fine.
  • Shop for party favors and prizes, wrap and labels. Make sure you have a few extra just in case a guest who has declined can come at the last minute.

1 Week to 2 Days Out

  • Shop for non-perishable food items, beverages, etc.
  • Gather serveware.
  • Rent any tables or chairs necessary.

2 Days Out

  • Shop for perishable food items; the freshest items ensure recipe success.

Day Before

  • Begin food prep according to your schedule.
  • Set up for the party. Clean, decorate, arrange chairs, etc. Shop for flowers and plan how you'll arrange them around the tables.

Day Of

  • Arrange flowers.
  • Prep last-minute food items.
  • Relax and get in the spirit of celebrating!

After the Big Day

  • If you ordered monogrammed linens for the shower, launder them and give them to the bride as a gift.
  • Choose a handful of great photos of the day and create an album to give to the bride.
  • Send thank-you notes to anyone who helped you make the event extra special.