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Registry Ideas that are Anything but Traditional

Registry Ideas that are Anything but Traditional

Whether you and your partner-to-be have already accumulated everything you need, or you are simply a minimalist, it’s absolutely OK to steer clear of traditional registries. You can focus your registry on things that you both love – a certain hobby that you want to master or a dream vacation that you two want to go on together – as opposed to a new blender (which, is also a good choice). Like the rest of your wedding, you should register for things that reflect who you are as a couple. To help you get started, check out our non-traditional wedding registry ideas below.

For the Wine Connoisseurs

Want nothing more than to master the art of wine tasting? Even if you don’t live near wine country, you can start an impressive at-home wine cellar. Do your research, take a wine tasting course or two, and select a few wines that your guests can choose to gift you – from trendy varietals to timeless vintages. Also, as every wine expert knows, you have to have the proper tools to properly appreciate your vino, so include some glasses, decanters and aerators to the registry mix.

For the Experience

There are so many registry apps available, so everything – including experiences – is at your fingertips. Wedding guests can contribute towards cooking classes, season tickets to sporting events or tickets to a festival you’ve been hesitant to splurge on. You can also ask for excursions and adventures on your honeymoon. Married life is fun, so remind each other to enjoy it!

For the Artistic

From original photographs and screen prints to sculptures and installations, you can curate an art-centric registry. This is also a great way to showcase your style and decorate your home with new and expressive works of art.

Traditional, with a Twist

Some of your guests may feel more comfortable purchasing from a traditional registry, and that’s great! If you anticipate this, you can put a twist on the classic list by creating a registry for items with a focus that’s all your own like all eco-friendly items or registering for housewares exclusively crafted in the USA. You’ll be able to list items that fit within your lifestyle, while still providing a variety of choices for those who need them. Consider using this strategy in addition to making a non-traditional wedding registry so your guests have plenty of options.

Blaze Your Own Trail

When it comes to wedding registries, remember: there are no rules! You are free to break from tradition if you want to – ask for gift cards, set up a “Honey Fund” or encourage your guests to make a donation on your behalf to a cause you love. You can even keep it simple and remind your loved ones that all you really want in life at this moment is their attendance at your wedding. It’s your wedding, and you can make it what you want. Just be sure to send out thank-you notes – that’s one tradition even the most modern couples should keep.