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Wall Texture Designs You Can Do This Weekend

Wall Texture Designs You Can Do This Weekend

Add depth to your home decor this weekend with wall texture ideas anyone can do. From crafty collages to living walls of foliage, we at Pottery Barn believe adding texture to a wall can change your room’s whole look and feel. Pair wall texture ideas with decor that complements your space for a completely fresh look.


A little whitewash on an accent wall goes a long way. Streaking white over a jewel tone or saturated pastel wall is a simple way to create dimension. Paint your first layer in your chosen color. Once it dries, apply whitewash in long paintbrush strokes. Play with patches of pure color that you don’t whitewash for a wall that’s one-of-a-kind. When decorating around a high-contrast wall texture designs, look for neutral rugs and drapes. If you’re not afraid of intricate patterns, go for it!


Joint compound, typically known as drywall, makes for a gorgeous DIY texture that’s easy and accessible. Make it easy on yourself by buying pre-mixed joint compound in bulk. Apply the “mud” to clean walls in one layer that’s about 1/8” to 1/4” thick. Have fun with textures like stripes, swirls or mottling using combs, brushes or sponges on the compound. Work in small sections and step back frequently to check that your pattern is consistent.


You can get a ton of wall texture ideas just from paint. Look at the different kinds available near you, like stone or sand, or pick up packaged additives that let you customize your paint’s texture. This is a fantastic look for the bathroom, where an airy feel is ideal. A lightly gritty wall feels organic and luxe with fluffy towels and a plush bathmat.


Give your walls an artsy vibe with collages. Find beautiful art books, vintage catalogs or old sheaves of illustrations in flea markets to paste onto clean walls. Lightly coat the backs of pages with wallpaper paste to stick to your surface. Some people like to overlay pages for a random collage texture. You can design a pattern with pages facing at angles or float pages like tiles with empty wall space around them. A clear coat protects your work.


Plant upwards for a wild wall of green. Plant walls, also known as vertical gardens, make any space feel like the outdoors. Try yours by a veranda or inside a room with lots of sun. These walls rely on hydroponic growing systems that you can buy and install. Water and nutrients cycle through your plants, so they grow out into the air. Plants like herbs, ferns and lichen create a mix of textures and dimension.


Paneling is back in a big way with updated textures and easier-than-ever installation. Take a trip down memory lane with floor-to-ceiling wood, or try stained wainscoting that extends halfway up the wall. Paneling might take all weekend, but it’s worth it when the results look professional. Pull furniture away from the wall to let the paneling’s texture hold its own.