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Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

Want to bring new energy into your life? Give feng shui a try. While some home decor ideas focus on form or on function, feng shui house plans focus more on a spiritual, ephemeral element that can bring fresh energy and tranquility into your life. You can bring new furniture and decor into your home to suit this new approach, and you can try it with beloved favorites you already have. Whether you’re looking to make a big change or you just want to switch things up a bit for some freshness at home, feng shui is an interesting technique to try. Let’s get started!

General Feng Shui Ideas

In many ways, feng shui is more about the unseen than what you can actually see. This is design approach that works with a wide variety of different decor styles. You can use feng shui principles with ultra-mod minimalist or ornate furniture and decor. It’s not the way your stuff looks that matters in feng shui, but how you combine elements, orient pieces and create balance in a given space. Numbers are of great significance in feng shui, so combining different elements in specific quantities can be important for bringing specific types of energy into your life.

Feng shui focuses on arranging the elements of your space to take advantage of the earth’s natural energy force – or chi – based on the way you position objects relative to each other. You can use a traditional map called a Bagua to do this, or you can follow some general rules for where to place certain furniture pieces. There are different factors to consider for each room in the house, but in general, compass points and symbolic pieces such as doors, windows and mirrors are of great significance in feng shui arrangements.

How to Feng Shui: Bedroom

Furniture placement is crucial to achieving a positive energy flow in any space, and it’s especially true in the bedroom. Try to position your bed so you aren’t sleeping with your head directly beneath a window, and avoid letting your feet point directly toward the bedroom door. It’s best to place the head of your bed against a wall so you have a solid foundation behind you as you sleep.

The art you put in your bedroom is also significant. Of course, you should love the works you hang in the bedroom, but feng shui principles recommend that these images be life-affirming and peaceful. Place art opposite from your bed so you can see it and enjoy it.

How to Feng Shui: Office

Tranquility, organization and enjoyment are all important factors in feng shui, and that applies to your home office just as much as it does to your bedroom. It feels good to sit down to work at a clean, uncluttered desk surrounded by pleasant objects, doesn’t it? Take some steps toward feng shui in your home office to organize clutter and bring in items that you truly love to look at. Even just putting a nice picture on the wall behind your computer monitor makes a difference.

How to Feng Shui: Living Room

The significance of numbers also factors heavily into any feng shui design. The number four represents stability, so you may want to make an arrangement with four chairs or two love seats and two chairs. The number two represents balance, so that can be a good number to think about as well. As you consider your living room arrangement, remember that feng shui doesn’t mean you need to use symmetry between furniture and the lines of your house. If your living room has four walls, skewing your seating arrangement diagonally relative to the room’s wall position is more than welcome.

How to Feng Shui: Throughout the House

To apply feng shui across the rest of your home, consider the above ideas and add in some inspiring decorative elements. Because the practice focuses so much on energy, earth, air and water are all positive features to include in your home. Living plants, water features and fresh air are all powerful elements to introduce into your living space. Even a lovely plant by the front door or a decorative countertop water fountain in the kitchen can bring positive energy into your home.