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How to Make White
Bedding Work for You

White bedding might not be bright or bold like other colors, but it is far from boring. Layers of white sheets and blankets make the bed feel clean, crisp and relaxing. It is a timeless classic that is always in season. With so many different fabrics and textures to choose from, the look of your room will always seem fresh. We have several white bedding options to give your bed a clean and sophisticated style. By following a few simple style basics, it is easy to make this color work for you.

Focus on choosing fabrics and textures. At Pottery Barn, we have a large selection of luxurious fabrics for your bed, such as these:

● Percale
● Sateen
● Linen
● Matelasse
● Ruched voile
● Silk

Choose the fabric based on the texture that you prefer, keeping the season in mind too. Linen is light and breezy, making it a perfect option for summer. A wool blanket is thick, warm and perfect for cuddling up on a cold winter night. By switching out just a few pieces, you can change up the look and feel of the room quickly without having to completely redesign the space.

Make all white work in the bedroom by adding several layers to the bed, making it look plush and cozy. The bottom layer consists of the sheets. For maximum comfort, choose high-quality sheets made of classic percale, sateen or linen. Next, put a duvet or comforter on the bed. The final layer is a quilt, which you can make into the bed for a clean look.

Choosing shams that coordinate with the duvet or quilt give the bed a streamlined appearance. For a hotel feel, opt for shams that have straight lines and contrasting embroidery along the edge. To give your bed an eclectic look, mix up the fabrics. Remove wrinkles quickly and keep the fabric fresh by lightly spraying water infused with fragrance on the surface. The bed will be guest ready in just a matter of minutes.

You spend a good portion of your life in bed, so it should be a comforting place to relax. Since everything matches, it’s easy to make the bed look as layered or as simple as you want. Play around with different styles and soon you’ll see that white is a versatile color that is always in style.