6 Fun and Easy Christmas Stocking Decorating Ideas 

Christmas Stocking Ideas

To add a handmade touch to your Christmas decor this year, consider making and decorating your own Christmas stockings. Whether you want to make the family stockings on your own, or you’re looking for some Christmas stocking decorating contest ideas to get family and friends involved, let us at Pottery Barn help with a few of our favorite ideas for Christmas stocking decorating.

Wooden Name Tags

A fun addition to your stocking and Christmas decor around the house is to add wooden name tags. Use small pieces of birch or pine cut into small disks. You can get these from your local craft store; if you’re feeling really crafty and have some wood at home (firewood or otherwise), that could work well too. You can also use part of the trunk of your Christmas tree if you have some removed before you bring it home. When you buy your tree, have the tree lot staff cut some slices for you.

If you are using them to hang from stockings, the size of the disks should be about the size of the palm of your hand. Use a gold or silver paint marker to write the name on the wood. Depending on the thickness of the wood slices you’re using, you’ll likely need a drill to make small holes in the top. This is so you can put a string through for hanging or attaching either to a stocking or wherever you’d like to hang it around the room.

Write Your Name in Tinsel

Personalize your stockings by writing your family’s names in tinsel on each. All you’ll need for this craft is a white marker, some tinsel and a hot glue gun. Start by writing the name in white marker on the stocking. Trace this with hot glue. If needed, you can use a wooden craft stick or long knitting needle to tighten and shape your letters. Then, apply the tinsel to the hot glue and let it dry. You may want to do each letter individually to ensure the glue doesn’t dry too quickly.

Cozy Sweater Stockings

If you have a charming Christmas sweater or two around that you don’t wear anymore, consider turning it into a stocking. For this project, you’ll need one sweater for each stocking you’re making, along with some sharp scissors, fuzzy yarn and an upholstery needle. Start by cutting out your stocking template on a piece of cardstock or other strong paper. Pin this to the sweater and cut out through both the front and back of the sweater. Repeat this process for each sweater. Then, pin the two pieces of stocking together, right sides in. Stitch these together, leaving the top of the stocking open. Turn right side in and you have your basic stocking. Decorate and embellish the outside of the stocking with tinsel, felt or any decorations you like.

Denim Upcycle Stockings

This involves the same idea as the sweater stocking, except that you’re using an old pair of jeans or a denim jacket. You’ll create the stocking in essentially the same manner as you did the sweater stocking. Keep in mind that you’ll want to use a stronger thread and needle for the thicker denim.

Repurposed Coffee Sack

If you have a coffee lover in the family, they’ll love the look of this coffee stocking. Your local coffee shop may be able to sell or give you some coffee bags they’re no longer using. You’ll need coffee bags, lining material, pattern paper, matching thread, any accent ribbon or other decorations you might want and fabric glue. You’ll likely want to use your sewing machine for this project, so scissors and pins will come in handy, too. Start by cutting out a stocking template on pattern paper (any thick paper or cards stock work well) and use this to cut out a stocking both from the coffee bag and the lining material. Make two of each of the lining and the coffee bag to have a front and back for each stocking. Place your coffee sack stocking pieces together, face side in, and sew all around the sides with your sewing machine, leaving the top open. Do the same for your liner material. Turn your coffee sack stocking right side in, and slide the lining in.

Mitten Stockings

If you want to try something a little different this year, consider making mitten stockings instead of the traditional sock-type stockings. You can use any pair of mittens for these, but make sure they’re big enough to fit whatever gifts or trinkets you’ll be filling them with. You’ll also want the type of mittens that are attached to a long string so you can drape these over the side of the bed frame or a chair. Once you’ve chosen a pair of mittens, you can decorate and embellish these with any holiday decorations you like. Hang or place them anywhere in your home.