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Healthy Home

Create Your Healthy Home 

What does creating a healthy home mean to you? For some people, it means having an immaculate home that’s free of roving dust bunnies. For you, maybe it means daily and deep cleaning with safe and chemical-free cleaning solutions. Possibly it means having pollutant-free indoor air. Having a healthy home can also mean living in an environment designed as a stress-free oasis. At Pottery Barn, we love all aspects of healthy homes. That’s why we have some tips and ideas on how you can create a clean, relaxing and healthy space.

Relax: Your Living Room

Live in your most peaceful state by setting a soothing tone in your home. Start with the living room. Combine calming colors, such as neutrals and relaxing colors in the blue and green families. This can create a stress-free zone as soon as you walk through the front door. Live among the things you love and cherish. If you don’t feel joy when you look at or hold an item, don’t be afraid to donate it. Display your mementos and decor proudly. 

Sink into comfort in your living room by selecting soft textures that help you relax. If you’re interested in healthy furniture, choose a sofa with eco-friendly construction. It could include hypoallergenic filling or natural down, soy-based core foam and 100-percent recycled fiber batting. All of these elements can help you and the planet breathe a little easier.

Choosing furniture for a healthy home goes beyond the upholstery. Look for tables and other pieces made of bamboo and sustainable woods, such as pine. These items are grown responsibly to keep the world’s forests thriving. That helps the planet maintain its natural resources.

Gather: Your Kitchen and Dining Rooms

Healthy eating goes beyond the delicious foods you prepare. It involves what and where you eat, too. Choose a reclaimed wood dining table and chair set. It not only brings the unique character and historic imperfections of the material into your own home. It also gives you the opportunity to make choices that create less waste in the world. These pieces use durable, aged wood from felled trees or from old buildings that were torn down. It’s an environmentally-friendly decision that feels good to your soul.

Fill your kitchen and dining room tables with live plants that refresh the air. When you’re thinking about lighting your dining spaces, use fixtures designed with recycled glass shades. This process takes less energy to rework the glass than the traditional way of making brand new glass. It’s another way to keep your corner of the world just a little greener.

Breathe: Your Bed and Bath

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. When you sleep, you want to breathe easily. Begin with your bed. Layer it with crisp, cool, natural linens. Top them with an organic cotton duvet cover, pillowcases and a comforter. Organically grown fabrics are produced without chemical pesticides, meaning you and your family aren’t exposed to those potentially harmful substances while you rest.

For a full and healthy night’s sleep in a home with electric heating, use a humidifier. Adding moisture to the air can ease dry skin, reduce a dry cough and limit allergens in the room. A subtle essential oil diffuser may also have health benefits in your bedroom. A diffuser disperses aromatic essential oils into the air, such as chamomile and lavender, to help you get a good night’s sleep or clear up a congested nose.

In the bath, further minimize the chemicals in your refuge. Use organic Turkish cotton bath towels. They’re extra-absorbent and produced without harmful additives when the fabric is dyed and woven. They also dry faster, which reduces odors and helps them last twice as long as standard cotton bath towels.

Clean: Your Kids’ Rooms

Sneak some healthy features into your children’s rooms by going organic and chemical-free when it comes to bedding and furniture. When you fill your kids’ rooms with furniture that’s low emitting, it means you’re making sure the air your children breathe is cleaner. Look for rigorously tested furnishings that exceed chemical emissions standards. This furniture is screened to make sure thousands of chemicals and volatile organic compounds, which are common in-home pollutants, aren’t present. Top kids' organic mattresses with organic cotton sheets. Spread organic cotton towels over your kids after bath time, too. 

You can create a wholesome haven for your entire family, when you incorporate a few of these healthy decorating ideas into your home.