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How to

Set Up Your Guest Bedroom for Visitors

How to Set Up Your Guest Bedroom for Visitors

Having friends and family visit is always a time of great joy, and if you have a room to use specifically for guests, it can feel like their home away from home. Everyone can enjoy the comfort and warmth of being at your place while you catch up and make new memories together. Guest bedroom decor is a way to have fun with the space, whether you like things pretty simple or bright and elaborate. Check out these guest room decorating ideas that let you have some fun while you’re helping your guests get cozy and comfortable.

Add Travel Touches

Your guests may want to relax right away when they arrive – after all that traveling, some unwinding is in order! You can help them out by adding some comfortable, thoughtful touches in their room. Set up a folding luggage stand (even a spare folding chair will do in a pinch) so that they have something to place their suitcase on. This allows them a chance to get settled without a lot of fuss. Another simple but great touch is to add wall hooks throughout the room. This way, your guests have a place to hang their purses or smaller bags at the end of the day. Also, if there’s a connecting bathroom to their room, a basket filled with fresh towels, washcloths, soap and toothpaste helps them feel right at home. Earn bonus points for also including a card with Wifi instructions.

Guest Room Design Ideas

Why not set up a guest room the way you would your own? There are so many ways to approach your designs, which can make you even more excited for your guests to arrive. Think art and paintings on the walls, a nightstand with some fun amenities (perhaps a remote control, lamp and books?), and curtains and rugs that complement the existing colors and decor of the room. When you’re thinking about how to decorate a guest room, one really wonderful addition is a small coffee bar. You can also easily set this up on top of a dresser. Simply add some coffee, sweetener, creamer and cups with an electric kettle or even a drip coffee machine – waking up with a great cup of joe is so relaxing!

Another great design consideration for a guest room is to have plenty of light. Don’t have a ceiling light? That’s no problem. Nightstand and floor lamps create a cozy ambience for your visitors.

Lists and Brochures

Your guests might be interested in local attractions and things to do if they’re venturing out into town on their own. You may also want to give them a handy list with information about your house or even some delicious nearby restaurants. Place local brochures, leaflets and your list in a folder in the nightstand’s drawers. 

Spend Some Time

The best way to tell if your guest room is all ready for the day when your guests arrive? Stay in it yourself! If you plan to clean and stock the room in preparation for your guests, spend a night (or a quick nap) in it beforehand and see what’s working well in the space. You can check the room when it’s dark to ensure all of the lights are working and shining brightly. Also, you might want to think about things you would like or would need on a trip away from home. Coffee is a great idea, as are glasses for water. You can also offer some bath goodies for your guests to use, like shampoo, conditioner and soap just in case they might need them. A few candles or scent diffuser is another great touch that can make the room feel fresh and welcoming.

As you’re getting things ready, remember that the most important part of being a great host isn’t the toiletries or a luggage stand. It’s about spending time enjoying the company of your guests, which is sure to happen to matter how decorated their room is!