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5 Christmas Crafts You’ll Never Outgrow

5 Christmas Crafts You’ll Never Outgrow

There’s just something about holiday crafts that make the season feel extra special. Even as an adult, there are some things you simply don’t grow out of, including the joy of making something special to share with others around the holidays. Put a twist on the crafts you worked on as a child to make Christmas crafts for adults even more fun. Here’s some ideas to help you spread the holiday cheer.

1. Magic with Mason Jars

There are quite a few creative ways to have some Christmas fun with mason jars. Be festive with simple, yet stunning Christmas ornaments. Place one inside a mason jar and stack to create a Christmas tree shape. Finish it off with a nice ribbon and paper star at the top and enjoy!

You can also use mason jars throughout the house by filling them with a mix of pine, cinnamon and fragrant orange peel. Place them in each room of your home and enjoy a festive holiday aromatherapy experience.

2. Making Your Own Soap

Making your own soap is a fun way to put a personal touch to your bathroom for the holidays – and it makes a great gift. To create the simplest of soaps, visit a local craft store and buy a block of glycerin, your favorite scents and dye. After melting the glycerin in a heat-safe container, add your scents and a touch of color. You can use a mold in festive shapes or carve slices from the block. Freeze for the recommended amount of time to make a beautiful gift for someone.

3. Gift Wrap Caddy

This old-school cool idea may be the craft you appreciate most as an adult. Buy a tin pail or bucket – like the kind you took to the beach as a kid – and simply fill the bucket to the brim with all of your gift wrap needs for the Christmas season. Put larger pieces of tissue paper in the back, gift tags in the middle and small items in the front. Use the bucket’s handle to place ribbon, scotch tape or other rolls of needed decorations. If you like, decorate the outside of the bucket with festive decor. This craft really comes in handy when it’s crunch time for wrapping presents, and you can store it this way all year long for easy use next holiday season.

4. Homemade Trivet

This is a fun project you can definitely work on with the kids. Get a hold of some clothespins and glue them together in a circle to make a custom trivet. If desired, paint the clothespins beforehand in desired colors to either match the holiday decor of your own kitchen, or to make for someone else.

5. Jewelry Magnets

Breathe new life into older jewelry with magnets! This works best on pieces that are missing clasps or earring backs and it’s a breeze to complete. Just glue the magnet onto the piece of jewelry and wait for it to dry. Then all you have to do is use them to bring a bit of sparkle to your home.