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5 Ways to Find Your
Perfect Window Treatments

Your window has the potential to be a fabulous focal point or a design disaster. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered. Just follow our tips to create the look and feel you want with stylish window treatment ideas to transform your home.



Measure Twice

Measure your windows. And then, measure them again. Accurate measurements are critical to finding the right curtains and curtain rods to suit your space and personal style. 

To determine your ideal curtain length, decide how long you want your curtains to be. Do you like the look of floor-length curtains? Do you need to keep the curtains from getting stuck between the couch and the windowsill? Once you have your window measurements, add at least 8 inches to the width so your curtains will be able to completely cover your window. Then add at least 6 inches to the height to give yourself enough room to hang the curtain rod. Hanging your curtains even higher creates a greater sense of vertical space and is great for rooms with lower ceilings. For maximum height, you can even install the curtain rod directly to the ceiling instead of the wall. 

Once you have these basic measurements, measure the length from the hanging point to your desired length. If you love the look of floor length curtains that pool along the bottom, add a roughly 8 more inches to the length measurements so your curtains are full and luxurious.


Light and Airy or Total Blackout?

Before purchasing curtains, consider how much light you want to allow into the room. Commonly used areas such as a playroom or living room require lots of natural light to feel welcoming and friendly. In this case, choose sheer drapes. For rooms where privacy is more important, choose thick fabrics that block out more light and give you a little more privacy. 

Pro tip: Blackout shades are perfect for a nursery. The dense lining blocks out  almost all sunlight and makes it easier to get your baby off to sleep.


Have Fun

A large window is a dramatic focal point for a living room or dining room, especially if you lack a fireplace or mantel, so you should dress it to impress. For a high-impact statement, choose curtains with a bold pattern or luxurious fabric like silk or linen. If the real show-stopper is your view, opt for more low-key window treatments, and arrange your furniture to face the view. 

If you do opt for bold, fun patterned drapes, take care not to overdo it.  Instead fo going all out, choose a more neutral rug to avoid making the room feel too “busy.”


What Do You Need?

A living room or family room often serves a variety of functions. Sometimes it is the venue for a small party. Other times, it’s the setting for family movie night. To ensure your window treatments are always perfect for the occasion, design with versatility in mind. For example, large windows with layered treatments of drapes and Roman shades let you block out the light and reduce glare to your TV screen. Open them up, and you create an airy environment to welcome your guests.


Choose the Right Fabric for the Room

The fabric you use determines the look and functionality of your window treatments. Thick, heavy materials are good for blocking out light and creating privacy, but they do not fold crisply when hanging, which may or may not be to your taste. Bright colors and patterned drapes add energy to a room, but if the room gets a lot of light, those colors may fade over time. For sun rooms, it is better to choose neutral colors and let the natural light shine through.