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How to

Hang Stockings Without Nails

How to Hang Stockings

Put away your hammer and get ready to deck the halls without damaging your walls, mantel and woodwork. With a little creativity and these ideas from us at Pottery Barn, you can hang wreaths, garlands, lights and stockings without leaving nail holes around your home. Once you learn these creative ways to hang stockings on a mantle or without a mantle, you’ll surely be moving full steam ahead into the spirit of the season.  

Make Your Own Stocking Holder

You could use your favorite heavy decor to secure your stockings, but why not make it even more personal by learning how to make a stocking holder of your own? This is one of the many creative ways to hang stockings on a mantel without nails. Start the fun by choosing as many heavy books as you need. Figure one book per stocking with a couple smaller books in between to connect them. Paint them with a fresh coat or two of your favorite color, using acrylic or chalk paint. Once the paint dries, lightly sand over the covers to give the books a distressed, vintage look. Print your favorite classic Christmas story book titles on paper, cut them out and apply them to the spines of each book. Arrange the books and glue them together using a strong glue for extra stability.  Lastly, attach hooks into the spines and voila! You have charming DIY stocking holders that double as a conversation piece.

No Mantel? No Problem

Sometimes simple is best. For this holder, all you need are some wall-safe adhesive hooks and your favorite festive garland. Apply the hooks to the mantel, hang the stockings on them and camouflage the hooks with the garland for a rustic holiday look.

Speaking of Wall-Safe Hooks...

Why put holes in your beautiful mantel when you could buy some surface-friendly adhesive hooks? Apply the hooks directly to your mantel and decorate as desired. When you’re ready to take the stockings down, all you need to do is remove the adhesive according to the hook-package directions. Your mantel will be damage-free and ready for your next round of seasonal decor.

Create a Makeshift Mantel

Choose a wall-mounted floating shelf or dress up a bookcase to create a mantel-like look. Start by adding some holiday greenery, with or without lights, and other decor. You can gently lay the garland around flameless candles on the top of the shelf, or you can use adhesive hooks around the perimeter of the shelf to attach your greenery.

The Christmas Branch

Find a sturdy, heavy branch that you can hang against the wall with a large ribbon or set atop your mantel. Tie lengths of twine around the branch to hang the stockings from. Then, place it on the mantel along with other decor like sculptures, garland, candles and lanterns. Or, hang it from its ribbon on an open wall above a console table or the spot where you might be serving your holiday buffet.

The Stockings Were Hung by the Staircase with Care

Mantels might be traditional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out a bit. If you’re looking for creative ways to hang stockings without a mantle, look around you. The spindles of your staircase banister make a great spot for hanging stockings. You can hang them at different heights for an interesting look that gives everyone a personal spot.

DIY Seasonal Stocking Hooks

This is another way to make a stocking holder that you can hang on the wall above your mantel or use in place of a mantel altogether. All you need is some scrap wood, an old blanket, pajamas or your favorite holiday fabric, and some decorative hooks or knobs. Glue or decoupage the fabric to the wood, add the knobs and you’re ready to hang your stockings.

An Artful Touch

Do you have art hanging in your living room? Hang your stockings by attaching fishing line to the picture hanger on the wall behind the artwork. Run the line from artwork to artwork of hang a stocking below each piece, depending on your desired stocking height.