How to

Host a Super Bowl Party

How to Host a Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is the ultimate event for any football fan, especially if their team makes it to the big game. It’s also an opportunity for anyone who enjoys a good party to come together! The Super Bowl a great time to commune with friends, enjoy some delicious snacks and say goodbye to football until next season. If you’ve found yourself hosting your first Super Bowl party, we at Pottery Barn have you covered. Use our Super Bowl party checklist to make sure you're all set for the big day.

Give Your Guests a Comfortable Place to Sit

Guests are going to be jumping up and down with all the excitement of the big game and getting up for more refreshments throughout. Make sure that you open up seating around the TV and give your guests plenty of room to move around. Remove any unnecessary or bulky furniture. Increase comfort by tossing a few extra throw pillows wherever guests might take a seat. Toss some floor cushions on the floor to create extra seating without bringing in extra furniture.

Set Up Football-Themed Decor

Use Super Bowl party decorations to ramp up the excitement and pump up the festivity. Decorate tables with team colors and toss team blankets and pillows across your sofa. When selecting your party decor, opt for pieces that can protect your furniture as well as dress up the room. Table covers can protect wood from damage, while easily washable slipcovers can help protect for your sofa against spills.

Put Together Tasty Finger Foods

Start planning your menu a few weeks in advance, so you aren't running to the store on the day of. Your Super Bowl party menu should include lots of finger foods that can be easily eaten standing up or sitting on the couch. No one will want to step away from the game for a second! Chicken wings, nachos, Pigs in a Blanket, vegetables with dip, fresh fruit and finger sandwiches are all popular choices. But don't be afraid to get creative and venture away from the norm. Set up a buffet, so that guests can help themselves and head back to watch the game. Serving trays make it easy to carry out food to the living room and make your game day fare more accessible.

Keep the Drinks Flowing

Ensure that your guests have plenty of refreshing beverages throughout the game. Offer a wide selection of beer and wine to go along with your finger foods. A drink cooler filled with ice keeps the beverages cold and easily accessible, while freeing up precious space in your refrigerator. Keep cups and wine glasses on the table, so that guests can help themselves.

The most important part of any Super Bowl party is to have fun. After setting everything up, be sure to sit back, relax and enjoy the big game and your fabulous party.

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