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Create the Purrfect Catio:

5 Outdoor Catio Design Ideas

Create the Purrfect Catio: 5 Outdoor Catio Design Ideas

Sweet, fluffy indoor cats love cuddling – after they've been darting under the table at dinner or strolling across your keyboard during work hours, of course. If this sounds familiar, your furry friend might be telling you something! Indoor cats need to burn off energy and get plenty of fresh air, too.  A well-designed catio – that’s right, a patio for cats – lets your indoor pet spend time safely outdoors in a protected space. These outdoor catio design ideas from Pottery Barn make it easy to create an engaging, entertaining retreat for your feline friend.

Enclose the Space

Outdoor catios come in all sizes – it's up to you how much space you can and want to devote. A large, covered dog kennel is one way to create the perimeter of a catio space. Try one that comes with three separate walls so you can configure them the way you want. Place the kennel adjacent to your house (preferably by a window or cat door, of course) by utilizing the side of your home as the fourth wall. By using the solid foundation of your home, you can securely hang shelves for your cat to climb on and provides the base for a roof.

Gear Up

Speaking of shelves, you can arrange three or more picture frame ledges in a stepped pattern up the side of your house, so your cat can hop high and far for new vantage points and safely get down again. Wood picture frame ledges and shelves are just the right widths for smaller cats to perch on. If your cat is larger, floating bookshelves can provide the space it needs to feel secure.
When your cat comes down from surveying its kingdom, durable outdoor cushions add coziness to the catio and provide space for catnaps. Plus, this is a great way to add bright color to your outdoor space. Try vibrant indoor/outdoor pillows and cushions made from hard-wearing, fade-resistant Sunbrella® fabric that looks great year-round.  

Deck It Out

Now that the shelving is installed, how about some catio decorations? For foliage and a little extra fun, stock up on catnip planters. It's a good idea to choose tip-resistant containers that’ll stay put even if your kitty decides to leap onto it. Remember to put a food and water dish in the catio, too.

Light Up the Nights

You can make the catio even more festive by hanging string lights outside the perimeter. Add some twinkle with globe or LED string lights that brighten up your own patio – and help your furry friend see where to pounce when it gets dark – even though their night vision is much better than ours.

Join the Party

You deserve to enjoy the catio, too! Head to your cat’s haven and hang out for a while: you can relax in human-sized furniture and keep an eye on your kitty. Consider a metal chair with or without indoor/outdoor cushions. It's a sleek material that's claw-friendly, too!