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Front Yard Lighting Ideas

for Your Home

Front Yard Lighting Ideas for Your Home

You work hard to make your whole home feel warm and welcoming and the outdoors shoudl be no exception. Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest ways to make your home really shine. With the right lighting, you can enjoy your home and landscaping both day and night. Check out our handy tips below and learn how the right lighting can really make your outdoor spaces feel extra special.

Entrance Lighting

Let's face it: nobody likes to fumble around with their keys in the dark. Even more than security though, the right entryway lighting can set the tone for your whole home. Larger flood lights are always a practical choice and great for lighting up large areas. Mounted fixtures like sconces and lanterns also work well as they add extra style and warmth to the space. If you have a porch or overhang large enough to accomodate one, add an extra dose of drama with an outdoor chandelier.

Showcase Lights

Place accent lights throughout your yard to illuminate any trees, gardens or other features that you want to showcase. For a show-stopping effect, position these lights in the ground and point them upward at the areas you want to highlight. If you don’t want a noticeable light fixture at the base of a tree, opt for a well light that buries in the ground. Want to showcase your whole house? Shine them pointing upward at your home for a standout look.

Pathway Lighting

If you have a path or walkway leading up to your entrance, keeping it lit can help you navigate in the dark while also adding a decorative touch. Solar lights are an easy, wireless option for this part of your yard, and they are virtually maintenance-free. Place the lights at even intervals along the path so that there are no dark spots where guests are apt to trip.

String Lights

Lighting doesn’t have to be elaborate or difficult. If you have a patio or pergola in the front of your home, light it up with basic string lights. These lights immediately bring a festive feel to an area while giving some much-needed illumination, providing you with a space that is relaxed and functional, even after dark.

Garden Lights

If you have a beautiful garden, take pride in your work and light it up at night. Garden lights add style to an area that is already attractive. Look for lights with canopies on top of the posts to direct light down into your plants or flowers.

Lighting Color

To get the best effect when lighting the front of your house, use warm white light. Anything else can appear stark and cold, giving your landscape an unattractive glare. To make the most of your appearance, use a variety of lighting fixtures. With a varied display, your lighting is more visually appealing, giving your home a welcoming and attractive look.