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Tips for Creating Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions That Work

Tips for Creating Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions That Work

When you find and choose the ideal bathroom vanity to fit your space, it makes it so easy to stay organized and it makes your home look great. Plenty of drawers and cupboards let you create a space for all your stuff, so you are able to store everything out of sight and enjoy your privacy. If a wide-open look is more your style, consider a vanity with shelving that you can stack up with baskets and containers. Using decorative containers gives you the added benefit of being able to move your things from a shelf to the counter and then back to a storage area when not in use easily. Read on for more bathroom vanity storage ideas that will fit your space and style.

The Secret to Finding Extra Storage Space in Small Lavatories

If the available space is a little tight in your lavatory or guest room, that can be a good thing. Having limited space opens up some extra chances to show your creativity and flair for interior design as you tap into some edgy decorating opportunities. A single sink console with drawers and a door, paired up with an ornamental container or two, turns a plain wash basin into an artistic display. Another great option is to combine a style that partially conceals, to maintain some privacy, with a shelf area that offers visibility for displaying adornments. To get this look, choose a console with one or two drawers alongside an open shelf area. These half-open units also give you a handy way to create storage spots for bath linens and washcloths in a guest room, so everything is ready and easy for your guests to find.

How Do You Go From Nice to Extraordinary?

If you feel like you have tried everything but just need a bit more storage space, consider increasing storage space in your restroom by mounting decorative and useful wall shelves. Match the shelving unit you choose to your vanity for a well-planned and themed look. Then, just tuck larger items in the space under the vanity and keep small items, such as hairbrushes and skin care products, at arm level for convenience. When you use shelves to take advantage of otherwise unused wall space, it gets even easier to mesh styles together by placing matching baskets and countertop storage pieces on the shelves and console top. Glass and metal or mirrored shelves catch the light and create the illusion of openness and extra space while baskets tucked into cubbies hide your things for greater privacy.

Create Organization That Lasts

It’s easier to find small items like ring boxes and razors when everything has a specific place. That’s one of the keys to getting and staying organized, and furnishings play a huge role. Whether you need a vanity that holds one sink or two, Pottery Barn has a variety of styles to consider when making a selection, and we offer several ways to help you avoid the overstuffed box phenomenon, and maximize drawer space by adding drawer organizers that compartmentalize your enclosed pull-outs.

Wake Up Your Wall Space With Taller Pieces

If you have extra space in your powder room, consider adding a tall, freestanding cabinet or floor storage unit alongside your vanity. The variety of heights adds visual interest to the room, embellishes unused wall space, and it’s functional, too. Freestanding storage is especially useful for large families because it gives each family member a place to keep personal care items. However, it’s also convenient for a smaller family because it lets you store bath towels, hand towels and all of your other things right where you need them.

Small Additions Add Up to Big Changes

When you have your vanity and storage solutions all planned out, you can still add some beautiful touches to your water closet with our collection of countertop accessories. Pieces like toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, tissue boxes, trash baskets and laundry hampers are available to match any decor scheme, and they all work together to help you store and organize your things. Makeup, fingernail and hair care storage containers are available in monogrammed styles that stay out on the countertop for a personal touch. For more concealment, toiletry bags can tuck inside vanity drawers or rest on shelves as a handy way get grab-and-go convenience to accommodate your busy lifestyle.