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Create a Classic Style
with White Bedding

White bedding is simple, clean, crisp and has a lot of personality. It gives off a relaxing and calming feeling, allowing you to unwind and destress at the end of the day. That’s why it is a popular choice for many spa hotels, but works really well in your home too. With a few styling and care tips, you can layer your bed in white bedding and linens, creating a tasteful and artistic style for your bedroom.

White linens are a timeless classic that work for every room from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom. They are simple to match even if they are not from the same set or same line. Because all of the linens are white, they always go together. A combination of pleats, ruffles and embroidery creates a subtle style that doesn’t rely on overpowering colors and bold patterns to make it interesting. It is easy to completely transform the bed by simply adding a new duvet, a textured blanket or an accent pillow.

Additionally, white bedding can take on almost any persona or identity. Clean, straight lines have a masculine feel while ruffles have a soft, romantic look. Throwing in a few off-white or beige elements really makes the design pop. By changing the textures, lines and shades on the bed, it is easy to update the look so that it always feels fresh and inviting.

In addition to appearance, you can change out the white bedding to match the seasons. When the cold weather comes in, toss a lightweight wool blanket over the bed to add a touch of warmth. Add as many layers as necessary to make it cozy and comfortable. For warm weather, switch it out with a soft and breathable cotton blanket. When preparing the room for a guest or pulling the blankets out of storage, use a spray bottle with a bit of water to smooth out the wrinkles and freshen the bedding up. You can 

even add a touch of lavender to give the bedding a relaxing scent.

Don’t shy away from white bedding; embrace it instead. Check out the large selection of linens, duvets, pillows and other bedding that Pottery Barn has to offer. White is a classic look that never goes out of style and is easy to maintain. Even if you don’t have a lot of design experience, you can make any bedroom look comfortable, relaxing and stylish by layering on the white.