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Reinvigorate Any Room

with this One Color

Reinvigorate Any Room with this One Color

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home, are moving into a new apartment or are giving your present place a makeover, decorating is an exciting way to put your stamp of style on your space. It’s easy to make nearly any color work with your taste, but there’s no need to shy away from using very little color in the room too! Because so many interior walls of homes are white, it’s already simple to bring in some white decor ideas. So why all-white? We love it because it’s timeless, but still fresh, fun and it leaves plenty of room for creativity. Check out our tips below and get started freshening up your own space.

It Creates Opportunities

When you decorate your bedroom or living room completely in white, this gives you the opportunity to create a focal point somewhere else in the room. For instance, if you have white furniture, white walls and white curtains and place a large piece of colorful art on the wall or a boldly patterned rug on the floor, these standout elements become the central focus of the room. If you have a favorite piece that you want to show off, placing it in a white room is a terrific idea. Your eyes are immediately drawn to your piece of art or item you want to showcase.

It Brings Warmth

Adding layers of any color palette brings a subtle tone of warmth to the room, but there’s something a little extra special when you use white. When you layer with monochromatic decorations, furniture and fabrics, you may want to choose options such as taking your ghost-white walls and adding cream curtains and add an off-white rug. If you’re working in the bedroom, try adding a duvet and sheet set that’s a shade of white but doesn’t exactly match anything else in the room. These complementary colors add a wonderful, inviting feel, and this option also gives you a bit of leeway as you decide on colors and styles for furniture, drapes and rugs.

It’s a Year-Round Color

Browns and oranges are gorgeous in fall, and bright yellows and purples bring joy to a sunroom during the summer. Reds look great around the winter holidays. But, perhaps you don’t change things up with vibrant color and prefer year-round color schemes. That’s great! White is a timeless color for all seasons, allowing you to pair those desired colors throughout the year for an ever-changing room. If you want, you can add red decor for Christmas or bright yellow pillows for the summer months. Drape an elegant brown and orange throw across the sofa through the months of September and October. Having a white base and decorating with white allows you virtually add any decor you want the rest of the year – and it always looks polished.

It Works Wonders

If you have an older home, using white as a base allows you to more completely and seamlessly cover up slight cracks or worn areas here and there in the home. Fixing or touching up white molding is so simple, as is going over cracks and chips in walls and window frames. White actually makes it easier to disguise these areas or wear that you may not want to display. Using a white base also allows you to use the focal point idea so your eyes can focus on all the beauty around you.

It Plays Well with Trends

The color white is immediately associated with a clean, fresh vibe, and having a kitchen in all white can really make the space look crisp. Plus, adding white walls along with stainless-steel and metal appliances can create a streamlined, modern look that really invigorates your kitchen. Decorating with white in the kitchen is simple – just as with the other rooms, you can choose to opt for white moldings, white countertops and white furniture, and surround the rest of the space with your cool steel appliances. You can also use the focal point idea in your kitchen or add warm-on-warm layers to give the kitchen an even more inviting feel.