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3 DIY Bird Feeders

Perfect for Spring

3 DIY Bird Feeders Perfect for Spring

Springtime means fresh air, sunshine, flowers and all kinds of animal activity. Birds are particularly lively in the spring months as they return home from their winter migrations and set up nests for the warmer months. With these creative birdhouse and bird feeder DIY projects, you can turn your outdoor spaces into a haven for the little birds that make spring such a cheerful season. These simple DIY bird feeder ideas produce delightfully decorative results that give food and shelter to robins, blue jays, chickadees, sparrows and hummingbirds alike.

Teacup Feeder

With their lovely floral patterns and iconic shapes, teacups make great bases for different spring crafts. They’re also excellent for a simple, charming bird feeder that’s easy to make and beautiful to look at. All you’ll need is a teacup, a saucer, some strong ceramic epoxy glue and a length of chain for hanging. If you want to give the birds even more room to hang out and have a snack, you can use a larger plate, such as a salad plate, instead of a saucer for the base. Because this project is meant for outdoor display, choose a cup that you feel comfortable using to make a bird feeder.

The assembly process is easy – simply glue the cup to the saucer so the teacup handle is facing upwards – this is what you’ll use to attach your chain and hang from a branch. You may want to orient your teacup off center toward the edge of your plate or saucer so there’s ample room for the seeds to spread out so many birds can gather. The idea is to make the teacup look like it’s spilling out birdseed for a playful effect.

Garden-Themed DIY Birdhouse

This charming project uses an inverted terracotta pot to create a sweet little birdhouse that’s just right for springtime display. You can use just about any size planter pot you’d like, though erring on the smaller side is a generally good idea to ensure your birdhouse can stay suspended easily. You can hang the pot as-is or use acrylic craft paint to draw on some fun floral designs. There’s a lot of room for creativity and customization here, so feel free to get creative!

Once your plant pot looks the way you want it to, use a large terracotta pot saucer to make a base. You can decorate it to match the inverted top of the pot – this will be the bottom of your birdhouse. Then, using an electric drill with a series of ascending-size glass drill bits, make a hole in the side of the pot where the birds can hop in and out. You can make the hole bigger with a file, too. All that’s left is for you to use some nuts and bolts to thread a hook through the drainage hole in the top of the birdhouse. You can also use a strong epoxy to attach the inverted pot to the base so it’s all snug and secure.

Hummingbird Feeder

Wine bottles are great materials to use in outdoor crafts, and this simple hummingbird feeder doesn’t require you to cut, melt or otherwise change the shape of your bottle. It’s a wonderfully simple idea – just find a wine bottle and a hummingbird feeder stopper and you’re already halfway there! It’s a good idea to figure out some sort of system to hang the bottle, but with chain or rope and a tree branch or patio eave, this should be no problem. If you’re into macramé, for example, you could create knotted netting that the bottle rests inside. That said, it’s also a good idea to test the hanging system for sturdiness before you install it.

To make the display even more decorative, you can use copper wire, glass beads, craft paint and other embellishments to decorate the bottle and make it look beautiful. Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors such as red, hot pink, orange and yellow, so consider using these shades for your decor. You can also DIY your hummingbird food by mixing up a quick sugar and water solution. Boil four parts water with one-part sugar, and let it cool before you add it to the bottle.