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4 Ways to Express Best Wishes to a Newlywed Couple

4 Ways to Express Best Wishes to a Newlywed Couple

A loved one is getting married, and you just might be as excited as they are! What better way to let them know than with a sweet card, email or phone call to express your congratulations and best wishes? Whether you’re able to deliver your message to the couple in person or in writing, we have some ideas that will spark your inspiration and help you tell them exactly how you feel. You can have fun getting creative with the delivery, too! Write your note in the pair’s wedding guest book or the card accompanying the gift you’ve selected or slip the message into an engraveable wedding album before you present it to the couple. No matter how you choose to provide your best wishes, the newlyweds will love knowing how much they mean to you through your thoughtful gesture. Let’s get started!

A Simple Congratulations

The couple’s union and love for each other are definitely things to celebrate! For many people, getting married is a big step, and the wedding marks a fresh beginning and a new chapter. Even more, the couple have chosen to include you in their celebration – and what an honor it is. You can acknowledge this with a heartfelt message congratulating the couple and wishing them well in this next chapter together. Here are a few ideas you may want to run with and personalize to get you started: 

  • Congratulations on this happy occasion! You’re such a great couple, and I wish you many years of wedded bliss.
  • Bring on the marital bliss! So happy for you both. Wishing you all the best and lots of love in your next chapter together!
  • The road to happiness is long and winding. Cheers to your next adventure together!

Go Ahead, Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

It’s natural for the romantic ambience of a wedding to bring out your sentimental side! If you like wearing your heart on your sleeve, the couple will definitely appreciate your heartfelt message. Feel free to let your feelings flow. These options can get you started:

  • Your relationship reminds me just how powerful true love can be. I wish you many more years of endless devotion!
  • Thank you for showing me that fairytales do come true! I hope your life together is truly a happily-ever-after.

Remember the Wedding Day

Similar to wishing a couple a bright future, you can also focus on the wedding day in particular and its significance. For a lot of couples, the wedding day is a remarkable memory that they’ll cherish for years to come. To wish the couple a day as great as the wedding day speaks volumes. If you’ve been involved with and enjoyed particular moments of the preparations or are sending your well-wishes after the ceremony, you can include a message about that in the note, too. You’ll inspire the couple to remember or enjoy key parts of the big day:

  • May all of your days together be as beautiful and cherished as this one – here’s to your future together!
  • Weddings might last for just a day, but they create memories that last a lifetime. I’m overjoyed that you’re embarking on this special journey together.
  • Thank you for sharing your best and most beautiful day with me – may you both enjoy every blessing under the sun!

Think About the Future

Being optimistic about the future is a great message to give couples, as their marriage can mark the beginning of a new passage in their relationship. You can personalize your message by adding your own note about fond memories you have of the couple at their earliest stages of dating. If you’re particularly close with the couple, you can also add a note that you hope to stay friends with them as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. This is impactful and can remind them of just how happy they are to spend the rest of their lives together.

You can pair your message with a thoughtful wedding gift to show your appreciation even further. Some excellent wedding gift ideas include personalized towels or robes and slippers. For the kitchen, give dinnerware sets and matching flatware. If the couple enjoys a few brews, consider gifting them beer glasses and bar accessories that encourage them to enjoy relaxing together on their new journey.