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6 Cocktails to Spice up Your Easter Party 

6 Cocktails to Spice up Your Easter Party

Spring is almost here – sip, sip, hooray! Pottery Barn is here to help you add some extra fun to your Easter party with delicious cocktails that are perfect for mingling. From pretty to classic to just plain zesty, these Easter cocktails provide some extra fun for adults on the holiday. Give friends and family something to sip on while the kids hunt for eggs this year; these great ideas can help everyone enjoy new flavor combinations and make your party preparations easier.

Lillet Rose Cocktail

Pretty and pink, this lovely cocktail is a festive way to welcome spring. To make it, shake equal parts Lillet rose and fresh ruby red grapefruit juice with a half part of gin in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. After you strain this beautiful drink into coupe-style glasses, top it off with some edible flowers like nasturtium or candied pansies for even more beautiful, seasonal color in every sip.

Peach Bellini

Give the classic mimosa a little bit of a shakeup with peach bellinis, which use peach nectar or puree instead of orange juice to balance white sparkling wine with some extra-bright flavor. Bellinis traditionally use Prosecco, but you can use any kind of white sparkling wine you like. Pour the wine into your glass before you add the peach, and watch everything swirl together beautifully.

Ginger Shandy

Some of your guests might want to enjoy just a light tipple at your Easter event, and shandy is always a great idea. A delicious blend of beer and soda, shandy is a great choice for daytime parties. Make a festive spring shandy by mixing beer with a little bit of club soda plus ginger simple syrup and a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice in a glass. This mix tastes great with a pale ale, though you can opt for an India pale ale (IPA) if you like a hoppier flavor.

Sparkling Red Sangria

Lambrusco, a lightly sparkling Italian red wine, makes a light and tasty choice for a refreshing spring sangria. Mix a bottle of chilled Lambrusco with some fresh-squeezed orange juice and chopped fruit of your choice. You can freeze the fruit or add ice to keep the drink refreshing and cool. Sangria looks so pretty served in a pitcher or punch bowl, and this is a great make-ahead choice for your Easter drinks menu. It’s easy to set out your pitcher and let guests help themselves to what they like.

Classic Mint Julep

Mint juleps are tailor-made for springtime afternoon enjoyment. They’ll bring a lively kick to your Easter celebration, especially if you serve them in the traditional way with ample crushed ice and a generous sprig of mint in a classic metal cup. There are a few different recipes to try, but the classic mint julep formula uses a blend of bourbon, powdered sugar, mint and a little bit of water. The classic version calls for muddling the sugar, mint and water in the serving glass and then filling it with crushed ice and bourbon. The key is to stir the drink and let it sit until a fine layer of frost forms on the outside of the metal cup. That’s why metal is the traditional choice – the frosty outer layer is such a great part of the experience!

Carrot-Bourbon Cocktail

Are you looking for an Easter cocktail that fully embraces some holiday themes? This might be it! This recipe uses just four ingredients to create a smooth, sweet and slightly smoky sipper that’s wonderfully refreshing at any time of day. Mix one-part carrot juice, two parts orange juice and bourbon to taste, and then pour into glasses over ice. Add a float of club soda on top, and this carrot cocktail is ready to go. You can shake or stir this one, so if you have a cocktail shaker, feel free to use it. If not, don’t worry about it – simply mix it up with a long cocktail stirrer spoon in a pint glass and pour into serving glasses.