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7 Different Arrangements
for Your Patio Furniture

Transforming your patio into the perfect outdoor entertaining area is as easy as rearranging your furniture and adding a few thoughtful touches. Whether you’re looking to makeover a small space or a palacial outdoor area, checkout our 7 patio layout ideas below and get started creating your very own outdoor oasis.



Keep It Cozy

Even the smallest outdoor spaces  can be both cozy and a great place to entertain small groups of guests. Opt for an outdoor loveseat instead of a sofa, and, if possible, have the love seat face outwards so you can snuggle up and take in the gorgeous veiw at sunset (or sunrise!).. Add a pair of  comfy chairs on either side in a sort of a half circle arrangement, and place a small coffee table in the middle. The open area across from the love seat can make the space feel larger, and if you need more seating, guests can pull up a temporary chair and feel like part of the crowd.


Small Changes, Big impact

Adding smaller pieces of furniture to your existing seating arrangement can make the space feel more comfortable and more like a true living space. Incorporate a fun  ottoman, an accent  table or a coffee table. Be discerning with your additions though; adding too many pieces - particularly in a smaller space - can make the space feel visually overwhelming when not in use.


Break It Down

If your patio is large, don’t give in to the urge to overload it with furniture. Instead, break the space down into smaller, functional rooms that suit your entertaining style. Use a long piece, such as a table, counter or outdoor console, to separate an outdoor kitchen from the rest of the entertaining space. This also provides extra space for serving food or creating a convenient bar area for your guests. For even more separation between spaces, arrange the furniture facing different directions. For example, face the sofa away from the dining area,or create a semi-circle of chairs around a fire pit facing away from your outdoor kitchen.


Fill the Perimeter First

On the other hand, if your patio is small, it’s wise to keep your furniture arranged around the perimeter of the space. This opens up more room for you to move through and can visually create the illusion of a bigger space. A fun outdoor rug in the center tiess it all together.


Skip the Patio Table

A picnic or outdoor dining table may seem like a must-have for your patio - especially if you like to grill -. but long, wide tables take up a lot of space. Instead, look for space-saving bistro tables and chairs. Expecting extra guests? No problem.  You can add a few small folding or end tables  for serving food or for your guests to set their drinks.


Choose Relaxation

If you plan to spend more time on your patio alone with a good book rather than serving up steaks and hamburgers, you can always skip the traditional sofa-and-chairs. A pair of chaises or a hammock are equally as comfortable. Plus, it’s a definite conversation starter and gives your patio a laid-back feel.



What a View!

Many patios lookout over swimming pools, redwood forests and other gorgeous views. If possible, arrange your outdoor seating so you can take in the view. If you’re not blessed with an already awe-inspiring view you can plant trees or add potted plants to create a leafier landscape or add an outdoor fire pit for cozy fun.