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7 Super Easy Coffee Table Makeover Ideas

7 Super Easy Coffee Table Makeover Ideas

Breathing new life into your living room or sitting area can be easily accomplished by simply sprucing up your coffee table. Instantly update your home with a coffee table makeover, and laying out fresh rugs to frame the room. Whatever your design preferences, we here at Pottery Barn have everything you need refresh your coffee table.

Create a Frame

One of the easiest ways to update an old or simple coffee table is to add accents around it that highlight the space. Choose from a wide variety of rugs to frame your made over coffee table. Opt for big, bold patterns that create dimension and add depth. Go for luxe detailing with Persian and Oriental rugs that feel great on your feet and look excellent under glass-top coffee tables. Select graphic patterns like chevron and herringbone to add a dose of fun to rooms with simple lines and color schemes. For the wow factor, lay out a faux fur rug that pairs well with glass coffee tables and metal detailing.

Add Style and Storage

Make your coffee table more than just a beautiful centerpiece by incorporating functional storage. Choose decorative trays that can hold remotes and spare change in an organized yet stylish way. Opt for galvanized metal or burnished bronze trays to create a rustic look, or go for elegance with hammered silver and etched brass trays. For a romantic vibe, add a mirrored tray to reflect decor such as candles. Choose one large tray for small coffee table surfaces, or opt for a collection of trays to keep everything organized on larger coffee tables.

Turn Back Time

Keep a stylish eye on the time with clocks that ensure you’ll never be running late. Select a pendant clock to add a touch of whimsical elegance, or go with a vintage clock that invokes the feelings of bygone eras. Add a glam touch to your coffee table makeover with a luminous mother-of-pearl clock that pairs well with contemporary designs. Alternatively, add a quirky element with table clocks that mimic the look of pocket watches. Clocks work well on glass and wood coffee tables and can instantly add character to your room.

Light Up the Room

Light up your coffee table and add a cozy feel to any room with warm, soft lighting from candles. Use neutral or solid-color candles to complement coffee tables with patterned surfaces. Select vibrant colors to highlight a mosaic-patterned table top. Use stencils to create a painted design on your coffee table, and then add candles in corresponding colors for a put-together look. Complement a wood-stained tabletop with candleholders that feature cast-iron stands for a rustic, woodsy vibe.

Add Life to the Room

Complement your tabletop with flowers and plants that breathe life into your space. Choose live plants like lavender and hydrangea to add sweet, springtime aromas to your space. You can also opt for artificial plants, so you never have to worry if you watered them or not. Match bold, graphic-painted tabletops with ferns and other green plants, or liven up a simple glass or wood coffee table with bright daisies and lush succulents.

Deck It Out

The quickest way to reinvent a coffee table is to adorn it with decor. Add decorative objects such as large corals or striking lighthouses to build a beach theme in your living room. Mix and match decorative objects in odd numbers that are pleasing to the eye, while adding depth and dimension to your coffee table’s surface. You can also go with functional pieces such as containers and vases to hold decor.

Be Ready for Game Day

Make your coffee table the center of the party when watching the big game or awards show with friends and family. Top off your coffee table with stylish snack bowls that keep your guests happy and fed.