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How to Throw a Succulent Party 

How to Throw a Succulent Party

It's easy to understand why succulents are so amazing! Their small size and gorgeous textural variations make decorating with succulents fun, and they’re a great easy-care introduction when you’re interested in cultivating your green thumb. Turn your love for these plants into a memorable event with these succulent-themed party ideas from Pottery Barn.

Set the Succulent Scene

You can throw your succulent party at any time of day; earlier hours while there's still some sunlight to enjoy are ideal. Succulents are sun-loving plants, and their desert-ready shapes make them a suitable accompaniment to a party brimming with sunshine. If you can host outdoors, all the better. If not, it’s still easy to set the tone with succulent party decorations. Terrariums and other planting arrangements filled with succulents of different heights, shapes and colors are the decorative stars of the show. Use them as table centerpieces and accents for drink stations and buffet tables.
If you want to make setup even smoother, opt for faux succulents. These sturdy options are helpful for creating everything from succulent garlands to drink charms. To make a garland out of faux succulents, pick out a variety of different types and sizes, including some large rosette pieces and smaller trailing styles for a beautiful display with lots of texture. Using dried natural grapevine as a base, attach your largest, widest faux succulent pieces using floral wire. Feel free to space them at regular intervals or go for a more abstract arrangement depending on your desired look. After attaching the large clusters, fill in with your smaller faux plants using floral wire to securely attach each stem to the garland. If the stems and wire are visible on the garland when you're finished, try wrapping the garland in raffia, ribbon or strips of fabric to make it even more festive.

Eat Your (Sweet) Greens

A succulent-themed party is an ideal opportunity to enjoy some mouth-watering desserts, like cupcakes topped with piped succulent icing decorations. The same supplies and techniques you might use to create buttercream icing flowers can help you make succulents instead. Rose and leaf tips can create rounded echeveria rosettes and spiky haworthia, and small, round tips can create string of pearls or burro’s tail for a mix of different succulent shapes and sizes. Consider frosting your cupcakes smooth with a spatula, coating with a layer of crushed graham crackers and then adding the succulents on top to create a sandy desert vibe. They'll look amazing grouped together on a cake stand.

Creative Potting Station

Put a crafty spin on your succulent-themed party by letting your guests take home a succulent arrangement of their own. Set up a potting station with simple terracotta pots, succulent potting mix, decorative sand or gravel and a selection of different succulent varieties. Guests can use a scoop to fill their pots with potting mix, add the plant and fill in around the top with the decorative sand. You can also add some small crystals, porcelain figurines or seashells into the mix for guests to add to their pots. It's a wonderful party favor for an event built on a foundation of the beauty of succulents!