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4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Space with Spring Succulents

4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Space with Spring Succulents

Decorating with succulents is a great way of embracing home decor creativity and adding some easy-care plant botanicals to your home. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out these succulent decorating ideas. Whether you opt for sweet rosette-shaped succulents or something with dramatic branches, these stylish ideas can give you the inspiration you need to create a chic, summery display of these unique plants.

Succulent Wreath

Add some greenery to your front door or an indoor wall with a stylish succulent wreath. Succulent wreaths are a great way to embrace a classic piece of seasonal decor with a modern twist. Best of all, when you care for them properly, the plants in your wreath will continue to grow! This means your wreath will have an evolving appearance, and if you choose the right plants and give them enough light, you might even see some flowers in your wreath every now and then.

To make your succulent wreath, start with a sphagnum moss wreath form (or make your own using loose moss and a wire wreath form). Choose succulents in a variety of different sizes and shapes, but be aware that some succulent varieties – like “little jewel” – tend to grow up rather than out, so do some research to help you determine ideal placement. Next, use floral pins to attach the succulents to the wreath. You may want to leave some room for the succulents to grow. To water the succulents, simply soak the moss every few weeks or whenever the succulents feel less firm or take on a slightly shriveled appearance.

Tiered Hanging (or Standing) Succulent Display

One great thing about mixed succulent plantings is that you can find both trailing and spreading options to create dramatic dimension and height. The way you plant these trailing succulents can have a big impact on the look you’re going for, which is why it’s such a good idea to use hanging planters or tall stands when you plant them. You can create a multi-tier hanging or standing succulent display by using a multi-tier hanging fruit basket or a tiered food display stand to support your trailing succulents, like donkey tail, miniature jade and giant watch chain – how great are these plant names?

Mini Succulent Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are adorable and very on-trend; you can put your own spin on this style by picking out different elements to accompany a group of two or more succulents. For best results, keep your focus on succulents instead of other types of plants; soil, light and water needs are highly variable across different types of plants, so it’s best to stick with varieties that all have similar needs. You can use a terrarium or any other kind of plant pot or container for your mini succulent garden, and you’ll be able to make it your own with different colors of sand, different kinds of rocks and other embellishments.

One important thing to keep in mind with terrarium and other carefully arranged container plantings is that if they thrive, your succulents will likely eventually outgrow their current container. Some succulent varieties, such as lithops, maintain their shape and size pretty consistently throughout their lifetimes, but others grow quite dramatically. If you go the latter route, you may want to plan on repotting your succulent and replacing it with a new baby plant in a year or two. Glass terrariums can amplify direct sunlight, and that can cause delicate succulent leaves to scorch. If you’re using a terrarium planter, try to place it out of the way of direct rays.

Succulent Rainbow Planters

From fiery orange to dusty blue and deep purple, succulents can show off an impressive array of colors aside from the standard leafy green. This gives you the perfect opportunity to inject some color into your decor with an impressive mixed planter filled with different succulents. You can even create a multi-planter setup with a different color in each container for an ombre effect.

As long as they get a good amount of light, your colorful succulents will retain their bright hues well after you bring them home. Some succulents blush only when they’re exposed to bright light, so if you notice the colors fading, try to give them a little more sunshine.