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Stylish Walls: How to Decorate a Shelf

Stylish Walls: How to Decorate a Shelf

When decorating a shelf, consider your design tastes as well as your storage needs in order to create a look that’s beautiful and functional. Mix and match pieces that are purely for style (such as decorative objects) with pieces that increase the functionality of your space. When decorating a shelf, focus on grouping items in odd numbers and mix up heights and textures to keep things visually interesting.  Whatever style you decide to express on your shelves, we at Pottery Barn have you covered.

Reflect Your Style

Infuse “you” into your home with shelves that feature mirrors and add an airy feel to any room. Select intricate or simple mirrors to accent your shelving. Mirrors placed at the back of shelving add depth to the room and can open up space by reflecting and moving around natural light. Add several of the same mirrors to different shelves and cubbies, or opt for one center statement mirror.

Get Artsy

Create an English-style portrait room with art that can brighten up a room that doesn’t get much light. Saturate your room with color by painting your shelves to match existing artwork. Opt for deep, rich hues like ruby reds and navy blues. This is particularly useful when trying to warm up rooms that tend to be gray and dreary in the winter months. Add one main portrait piece that can adorn the shelving in your office, or mix it up with many works of art to inspire your creativity.

Add Graphics

For maximum impact, add graphics to your shelving. Herringbone and chevron wallpaper or decals can liven up your shelves and create depth. Pair graphics with striking vases that add dimension. Choose simple, one-color vases in neutral shades, or mix patterned vases with graphics for an art deco inspired look.

Spring Into Seasons

Celebrate your favorite seasons with flowers and plants that make your shelves come to life. For example, choose fragrant lavender to add a hint of fresh spring to your room.  Add a topiary tree to your shelving to create an outdoor garden effect that pairs well with bold graphics. You can also opt for artificial plants so you don’t have to worry about watering.

Stock Your Bar

Use your shelving to create the ultimate entertaining and bar space for evenings with family and friends. Transform a traditional bookshelf into a stunning bar by showcasing stemware on prominent shelves. Keep everything organized and within arm’s reach by storing bar tools and an ice bucket on shelves. Choose funky stemware with twisted stems, or opt for vineyard elegance with goblet wine glasses that make a statement.

Add Stylish Storage

Turn your shelving into a stylish storage unit with bins and baskets. Choose from a variety of basket materials including rope, rattan and woven options to match your space’s style. Create an entire shelf of drawer space by adding several baskets along the lowest shelf. Use baskets to store extra blankets in the bedroom, DVDs in the living room or files in the home office. Add bins to higher shelves for added storage and to balance out any large or bold elements.