Home Decor Installation & Planning

Personalize your home with a chic gallery wall that expresses your own personal style.

Many homeowners struggle to keep the drawers in their homes tidy and structured.

Add depth to your home decor this weekend with wall texture ideas anyone can do.

Summer calls for color. Transition your spaces into the season with indoor and outdoor pillows and covers in vibrant hues and prints.

From the fabric you select to the hardware you choose, window treatments are an opportunity to define a room's style.

From room to room, a well-lit home can inspire both productivity and relaxation.

Houses settle over time, and as they do, it is not uncommon for cracks to appear in the drywall, especially around windows and doors.

Whether it takes shape as an enclosed high-tech den or an open family hangout, a large screen is most often the ticket to happiness in a media room.

Learn how to hang a mirror easily with these simple steps. From finding wall studs to determining the perfect placement, watch this video to learn more.

Watch and learn how to install ledges and shelves perfectly so you can display your favorite art, frames and decorative objects.

It's a must to take proper measurements to ensure your furniture will not only fit in your space, but also to ensure it fits through all of the passageways upon delivery.

Unfurl an all-weather mat just about anywhere to create an instant outdoor "room."

A fresh coat of paint can bring a room back to life. It's amazing how simply changing the color can have a dramatic effect on the design and mood of the entire room.

Slipcovers are an easy and affordable way to change up the style of your living room.

Pottery Barn's in-house expert demonstrates an easy way to repair damaged furniture and re-create beautiful mahogany finishes.

Learn a simple technique to repair nail holes in drywall with our helpful video, made in partnership with Sherwin-Williams.

Home painting projects can be easy and a lot of fun with the right tools and tips.

The reputation and design sensibilities of slipcovers have changed for the better in recent years, and this is largely due to improvements in the ways they're constructed.

Before choosing a dining table, it's important to measure your dining area.

Whether you use an example from the design gallery or create your own plan, this planning tool will help you design your perfect space.

Kick off the holidays by hosting a casual, drop-in event for neighbors, family and friends.

Creating a staircase photo gallery allows you to transform a frequently passed wall into something truly special.

We've all heard of spring cleaning, but what about winter cleaning?

There's just something about holiday crafts that make the season feel extra special.

At Pottery Barn, we're showing our coworkers, customers and communities that we care through an "Acts of Kindness" campaign.

At Pottery Barn, we're showing our coworkers, customers and communities that we care through an "Acts of Kindness" campaign.

The laundry room might be one of those spaces in the house that you don't really notice, but it is certainly one of those catch-all rooms that is prone to collecting clutter.

Between the sheer variety of shades available and the long-term commitment, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking paint colors.

Thank you notes are timeless way to show your appreciation.

Before you say "I will," your bridesmaids do.

Choosing wedding registry gifts is one the best parts of the whole wedding planning process.

Planning a wedding is a whirlwind of fun, and there are plenty of exciting ways to approach a wedding registry.

Creating a wedding registry is the perfect chance for you to take stock of what you already own think about the kind of home you want to create with your partner.

Weddings are so much fun! It's a time to get dressed up and have a great time with friends, family and loved ones to celebrate the happy couple.

It's easy to get lost in the post-engagement bliss of sharing your love with the world, but once the engagement dust settles, it's time to get down to brass tacks.

Excited for your upcoming wedding? It's time to dial that enthusiasm up even more!

A loved one is getting married, and you just might be as excited as they are!

Whether you and your partner-to-be have already accumulated everything you need, or you are simply a minimalist, it's absolutely OK to steer clear of traditional registries.

Are you ready to incorporate some Earth-friendly pieces into your home decor?

What do you want to accomplish in the coming year?

What do you want to accomplish in the coming year?

Your home has an amazing power over the way you feel.

Your hutch should be the showstopper of storage furniture!