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Get trick-or-treat ready with our tips to create a hauntingly inviting front porch.

See our high quality PB Air sofa vs the competition.

PB Air, our newest collection that features sink-in comfort, a relaxed look and eco-friendly construction.

When you feel good at home, you feel good all-around. Here are a few ways to turn your space into healthy haven.

Kiln-dried hardwood frames, extra padded arms and reversible cushions are but a few ways Pottery Barn bests the competition.

Find six new ways to work that include personalizing and improving your work space to make it your own.

Find office storage solutions to get you organized and keep you focused.

At Pottery Barn, we don't believe in taking shortcuts, or relying solely on machines to do the work of artisans.

Sometimes there's nothing better than climbing into your cozy bed after a long day and feeling the softness of the sheets against your skin.

Our Pittsburg crank desk allows you to sit or stand with smooth movement gears and an easy, hand crank.

Our new Indigo Collection of home decor accents is the perfect combination of rich color and beautiful design aesthetic, typical to Pottery Barn.

Our Pittsburg crank desk allows you to sit or stand with smooth movement gears and an easy, hand crank.

Learn why the classic ladder back design and steam-bent rails make the Wynn dining chairs timeless pieces to add to your dining collection.

Hillary Billings shares the story behind designing Pottery Barn's legendary Manhattan Leather Armchair, from the vintage Parisian flea market find that originally inspired it to the iconic style statement it's become today.

Learn a brief history of the rich tradition of Turkish cotton farming, and find out details about the methods that go into creating our lofty PB Basic Classic Bath Towels.

Stefano Del Vecchio talks about the inspiration behind Pottery Barn's Benchwright Dining Table, a rustic dining table with antique charm.

Learn the origins and benefits of the Mahogany wood used extensively in Pottery Barn's Farmhouse collection.

The story behind the responsibly managed plantation where the mahogany for our Hudson Collection bedroom furniture is harvested, and an up-close look at the key features that make these pieces last a lifetime.

Stylist Nathan Turner introduces us to the Riviera Collection, and explains why its lightweight aluminum construction makes it perfect for the outdoors.

Stylist Nathan Turner talks about our Hampstead Collection.

Stylist Nathan Turner introduces us to the stylish and incredibly durable Chatham Collection.

Stefano Del Vecchio talks about the inspiration behind Pottery Barn's Benchwright Dining Table, a rustic dining table with antique charm.

These high-quality, family-friendly fabrics are as durable as they are beautiful.

Stylist Nathan Turner demonstrates how to use our Chatham Dining Table's butterfly extension leaf feature.

Enjoy sipping on a cup of tea in your garden with comfortable outdoor furniture.

The elegance and beauty of handcrafted leather is unmatched. At Pottery Barn, we have skilled artisans, who work to treat and finish exquisite animal leather.

The Bowry Collection from Pottery Barn is a unique assortment of high-quality, distinctive pieces of furniture.

Our San Francisco Art Studio is home to tremendous creativity, where artists are encouraged to introduce new design ideas.

Turkish cotton has a reputation of being some of the finest anywhere in the world, and for good reason.

Pottery Barn strives to deliver the highest-quality products to our customers. Much of our upholstered furniture is built right here in America by the most talented craftsmen and craftswomen in the furniture industry.

Watch a detailed tutorial to mount the Pottery Barn Daily System in this video.

Learn more about the Schott Zwiesel Tritan® Crystal Glass and its highly durable, beautiful craftsmanship.

In this video from Pottery Barn, we meet the people behind Watermark Designs, a manufacturer of luxury bathroom fixtures from Brooklyn.

It is important to provide design attention to your coffee table when decorating the living room or den

Natural decorations always add beauty to a home, but putting together an eye-catching flower arrangement can seem a tad puzzling if you've never done it before.

Your coffee table is often the focal point of your living room, and it is not uncommon for this surface to become the landing pad for all sorts of small items that find their way into the space while you sit on the sofa enjoying them.

The reputation and design sensibilities of slipcovers have changed for the better in recent years, and this is largely due to improvements in the ways they're constructed.

Decorations are a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Learn how to create a long lasting table centerpiece with Pottery Barn Floral Designer, Nico De Swert.

Learn how to create a simple flower arrangement with Pottery Barn Floral Designer, Nico De Swert.

One of the most enjoyable parts of summer is taking advantage of all those beautiful blooms that become available as the sun shines longer and the temperatures warm up.

From the fabric you select to the hardware you choose, window treatments are an opportunity to define a room's style.

A family is what makes a home truly special. While each person might have a space in the house that allows him to show off his own personality or interests, a memory wall celebrates the family as a whole.

Baskets are a simple way to add beauty and organization to your home.

A few easy steps on how to fill a duvet cover. Making the bed has never been easier!

White bedding is simple, clean, crisp and has a lot of personality. It gives off a relaxing and calming feeling, allowing you to unwind and destress at the end of the day.

White bedding might not be bright or bold like other colors, but it is far from boring.

Pottery Barn's in-house expert demonstrates an easy way to repair damaged furniture and re-create beautiful mahogany finishes.

Learn how to hang a mirror easily with these simple steps. From finding wall studs to determining the perfect placement, watch this video to learn more.

Fresh paint can brighten up a room and completely transform the mood.

A fresh coat of paint can bring a room back to life. It's amazing how simply changing the color can have a dramatic effect on the design and mood of the entire room.

Using simple techniques and a range of flowers, professional flower stylist and author Nico De Swert demonstrates how to make a colorful arrangement.

Sometimes all you need to elevate a decoration to its full potential is a little bit of color.

A nautical theme is a timeless classic for just about any room of the house — even for an outdoor space.

Watch and learn how to make the perfect ocean-themed lantern for any room.

Transform your outdoor space with subtle and charming lighting by using lanterns and candles.

Create a memorable dining experience by setting the table with elegant outdoor dinnerware that is sure to impress all of your guests.

Houses settle over time, and as they do, it is not uncommon for cracks to appear in the drywall, especially around windows and doors.

Watch and learn how to install ledges and shelves perfectly so you can display your favorite art, frames and decorative objects.

It's a must to take proper measurements to ensure your furniture will not only fit in your space, but also to ensure it fits through all of the passageways upon delivery.

Slipcovers are an easy and affordable way to change up the style of your living room.

Learn a simple technique to repair nail holes in drywall with our helpful video, made in partnership with Sherwin-Williams.

Home painting projects can be easy and a lot of fun with the right tools and tips.

Adding fresh paint to the walls of your home is a simple way to change the style and breathe new life into your interior design.

Discover style friendly techniques and tips for decorating and arranging with pillows.

Ensuring your table is decorated tastefully and elegantly is a surefire way to impress your dinner party guests and encourage them to have a festive time.

A tapas party is a great way to introduce friends and family to the traditional Spanish style of casual eating based on small plates and small portions.

Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford are masters in the kitchen.

A personalized wedding gift is a great way to show your love and well wishes to a newly married couple.

When warm weather is upon us, we dream of getting away to a tropical island to soak up the beautiful sun on a relaxing vacation.

A summer party idea includes planning a warm weather feast washed down with refreshing drinks. This video displays some great summertime entertaining tips for creatively decorating and filling drink dispensers.

Your welcome wagon should start at the front door.

Kick off the holidays by hosting a casual, drop-in event for neighbors, family and friends.

The dinner table is the focal point of Thanksgiving tradition, but creating a beautiful centerpiece doesn't have to be difficult.

Some people tend to source their home decor, wardrobe and furniture from a lot of different places.

Timeless, festive and inviting.

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when decorating a room.

For many, the sweet flavor of steamed crab marinated with seasonings and dipped in butter is a regular rite of passage that marks the arrival of summer.

You work hard to make your whole home feel warm and welcoming and the outdoors shoudl be no exception.

Just because your room is small doesn't mean it can't have loads of style!

Capture the flavors of a New England summer by hosting a lobster bake for your friends and family.

Open shelves are warm and inviting to your guests and create an open look to make your kitchen look more spacious.

Organization can be essential to feeling comfortable and settled in your house but, if you aren't a naturally meticulous person, getting started on the organization journey can feel daunting.

Picking the right headboard seems like a pretty simple task, but it is a big purchase so it deserves a little extra attention.

The laundry room might be one of those spaces in the house that you don't really notice, but it is certainly one of those catch-all rooms that is prone to collecting clutter.

Walking into a cluttered home office every workday can cause you to lose focus and turn the room into one you'll instinctively start to avoid.