Entertaining Ideas & Party Themes

Whether you're having some fun in the sun or excitement at night, it's always a blast getting to know your neighbors at a block party.

Hang some tinsel and string lights, and find your inner fa-la-la.

Make your neighborhood the talk of the town with a block party that knocks everyone's socks off.

Add a little extra sparkle to your holidays this year by incorporating these holiday brunch menu ideas into your repertoire.

Light a fire, grab a movie and your favorite mug and get ready for some serious coziness.

This holiday season, surprise your friends and family with a fresh spin on the classic gift exchange.

Bring even more festive fun to your holiday season with some playful Santa Claus decor.

Welcome the warm holiday spirit of a bygone era into your home this year with vintage Christmas tree decorating ideas.

When you're ready to start feeling festive, this playlist will put you in the merriest of moods.

From the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning until you lay your head on the pillow at night, Christmas day is filled with magic.

Grab a few growlers or six-packs, call up some friends and perfect your craft of craft-beer tasting.

Maybe you aren’t heading home for Thanksgiving and you’re having Friendsgiving instead.

Nothing's more festive than serving treats at your Christmas get-together.

This year, you may just find yourself attending a holiday party with a black tie dress code.

Plump your pillows and prepare your guest room – Thanksgiving is almost here!

The holiday season is a time of joy and togetherness.

We often hear about the benefits of pairing wine with certain meals, but not beer.

Are you planning to stay with friends or family this holiday season?

Are you interested in shaking up your Thanksgiving celebration this year?

Charm your guests this holiday season with an easy-to-assemble drink station that keeps the holiday fun flowing.

Have you found the perfect recipe for a strawberry daiquiri? Do friends continually request your whiskey sour mash?

What's the perfect time for a tea party? Anytime!

Potluck dinners are fun to host and are so much easier than cooking a full meal for a group.

Parties are a great way to relax and have a great time with family and friends.

A beautifully wrapped gift shows the recipient you put extra care and attention into how you deliver it.

A cheese platter makes a lovely, edible centerpiece for casual and formal affairs alike.

There's something very posh about drinking a fresh, finely crafted cocktail.

At Pottery Barn, we love summer vacation!

Mocktails let you enjoy the refreshing coolness of mixed drinks without the added alcohol found in a traditional cocktail.

Get your apple picking outfit ready, because it's harvest season!

The Super Bowl is the ultimate event for any football fan, especially if their team makes it to the big game.

Sangria is delicious year-round, but it's also a tasty beverage to serve up during your fall get-togethers.

Kick off football season with delicious game day snacks!

Baseball - it's not only America's pastime, but an excellent excuse to throw a party!

Score a home run with a summery, flavor-packed party filled with the best ballpark food and a menu designed just for you and your guests.

Score a home run with a summery, flavor-packed party filled with the best ballpark food and a menu designed just for you and your guests.

Summer's warm weather and bright skies call for backyard gatherings and outdoor dinners, and Pottery Barn's ideas for outdoor finger foods will help make your next barbecue a savory success.

Enjoy the last weekend of summer with a Labor Day weekend getaway that's fun for the whole family.

Fire up the grill and get ready to send summer off in style!

The end of summer is unofficially marked by Labor Day, the first Monday in September.

Hello, sunshine! Balmy days have returned, and with it come backyard barbecues, pool parties and open-air brunches.

Succulent party favors are a simple, thoughtful touch that goes a long way.

It's easy to understand why succulents are so amazing!

Fire up the tiki torches and get ready for some island fun!

Tea parties are fun gatherings for casual afternoons, no matter what you're celebrating.

Spring has sprung, and this lovely season brings with it plenty of inspiration for entertaining and decorating!

Warm weather means ample opportunity for alfresco parties!

With egg hunts, church services and other big Easter events happening during the earlier part of the day, brunch is a perfect fit for celebrating one of spring's biggest holidays.

Spring is almost here – sip, sip, hooray!

Easter is one of those iconic holidays that's such a pleasure to decorate for!

Bountiful baskets of candy and treats are common sights at Easter celebrations, but the delicious possibilities don't end there.

Would you like to add some new traditions to your Easter festivities this year?

From egg hunts to egg decorating, Easter is always lots of fun for little ones.

Cinco de Mayo is one of the many international holidays that are an absolute joy to celebrate!

To get any party started right - whether serving two or 50 - a great home bar should store evertything you need for working your drink-mixing magic.

Ensuring your table is decorated tastefully and elegantly is a surefire way to impress your dinner party guests and encourage them to have a festive time.

Seasoned book club members know that it's not just the books that draw people back time after time.

Every house should have a signature drink — one that reflects your personal style and comes out perfectly every time.

Plan the menu — choose a mix of easy and more challenging recipes, depending on your skill level.

Our deep admiration for the honeybee and sympathy for its mysterious plight gave us an idea for a great spring brunch.

A tapas party is a great way to introduce friends and family to the traditional Spanish style of casual eating based on small plates and small portions.

Countries on all sides of the Mediterranean enjoy small appetizer-size dishes called "mezze."

The egg, quintessential symbol of spring, is the subject of our Easter brunch that makes an art of decorating it, displaying it and eating it with style.

When it's sunny outside and the heat is on, nothing satisfies thirst like the icy, citrusy kick of a margarita.

Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford are masters in the kitchen.

A personalized wedding gift is a great way to show your love and well wishes to a newly married couple.

Games and planned activities are a fun addition to a great bridal shower.

Work with the bride or the bride's mother to choose a date that works for key guests, like family members and the bridal party.

When warm weather is upon us, we dream of getting away to a tropical island to soak up the beautiful sun on a relaxing vacation.

A summer party idea includes planning a warm weather feast washed down with refreshing drinks. This video displays some great summertime entertaining tips for creatively decorating and filling drink dispensers.

Creativity and personality are what make a bridal shower memorable.

If you're serving wine with Thanksgiving dinner, or have offered to bring a bottle and aren't sure what to choose, you've come to the right place.

In many regions, Thanksgiving calls for a cozy, indoor affair.

Some people tend to source their home decor, wardrobe and furniture from a lot of different places.

Setting the table with turkey-inspired dinnerware and serveware is a great way to delight your Thanksgiving guests.

The holidays are a full of cheer and giving fantastic gifts to those you love is a big part of the fun.

When making Christmas dinner for the family, lots of deliciously traditional foods come to mind: turkey and ham, Grandma's green bean casserole, candied yams, stuffing, plenty of mashed potatoes and soft dinner rolls.

Latkes, brisket and donuts – Hanukkah is one of the tastiest Jewish holidays of the year!

Ah charcuterie: the key to no-stress entertaining.

If you have ever planned a dinner party, you know that it can take a lot of careful work, especially if you invite enough guests to fill up your dining table.

The key to any successful wine tasting party is to have fun.

Hosting a housewarming party can be a lot of work, so the key to being a great guest is to bring a gift that won't require any extra effort from your wonderful and welcoming host.

Whether you are celebrating the first night of Hanukkah or simply having a cocktail get-together with friends on the third night, the Festival of Lights is time for celebration.

Whether it's sharing a special meal, the delicious pumpkin pie, or the excitement that comes from being around your loved ones, there's so much to be thankful for during the holidays.

Get inspired for Thanksgiving. Pottery Barn shows you 4 festive ways to style your thanksgiving table.

Gather with family and friends to celebrate a festive Thanksgiving.

Now that the holidays are in full swing, it's time to shake off the chill and unwind with an effortlessly easy cocktail, courtesy of author, entertainer and style expert Ken Fulk.

Pop the bottle and cut the cake! Is there anything better than mingling over bubbles and sweet treats with loved ones?

For many, the sweet flavor of steamed crab marinated with seasonings and dipped in butter is a regular rite of passage that marks the arrival of summer.

Capture the flavors of a New England summer by hosting a lobster bake for your friends and family.

Keep it casual with a backyard barbecue or show off your new space with a formal cocktail party.

Vibrant and green or earthy with a peppery kick – there's a whole world of olive oils out there and we're on a mission to taste them all.

You don't need a special occasion to turn any picnic into an opportunity to celebrate.

Pizza parties are the ultimate gathering for kids and adults alike.

You're sitting on the beach with friends and loved ones, the delicate lights of candle flames or a small bonfire are glimmering on the water and you hear the soft sound of waves crashing on the beach.

Getting ready to set the table? Add a pinch of style, a dash of great company and some plates of fabulous food to make it a truly magical meal!

Having friends and family visit is always a time of great joy, and if you have a room to use specifically for guests, it can feel like their home away from home.

Summertime is a great time for an outdoor party! It's easy to make an impromptu soiree come together with just a bit of planning while the sun is shining, and you can elevate your gathering with some flaming fanfare.

Whether it's for a holiday gathering, a birthday or a just-because occasion, a party is so much fun! It's always a joy to spend time with loved ones, and the soiree can become even more celebratory with a few tasty treats on hand.

Are you ready for a fun dinner party? Looking for something great to nibble on while friends come over for a chat?